April 10-12, 2011

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Sunday, April 10th

An Examination of Children's Outdoor Time, Nature Connection, and Environmental Stewardship

Robert Andrejewski, The Pennsylvania State University
Andrew J. Mowen, The Pennsylvania State University
Deborah L. Kerstetter, The Pennsylvania State University

Spirituality and Leisure: An Auto-Ethnographic Life-Hisory Study

Hua Bai, University of Missouri
Charles Bruneete, University of Missouri
Kwansiri Chompreeda, University of Missouri
Jie Gao, University of Missouri
Claudia Gil Arroyo, University of Missouri
Li Lin, University of Missouri
Alexander Martin, University of Missouri
Christopher Sartorius, University of Missouri
Carrie Steuber, University of Missouri
Michaele Vock, University of Missouri
Jerry Winn III, University of Missouri
Sandra Sotomayor, University of Missouri

Urban Nature Parks & Individual Health

Joshua Baur, Oregon State University
Joanne F. Tynon, Oregon State University

Updating State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans, an Application of Geographic Information Systems and Census Data

Robert S. Bristow, Westfield State University
Rodney B. Warnick, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Effects of Visitor Characteristics on Perceptions of Crowding, Conflict and Normative Standards

Robert Cooper, Penn State University
Alan Graefe, Penn State University
Robert Burns, West Virginia University

A Phenomenology of Spiritual Experiences in Wilderness: Relating Self, Culture and Wilderness

Ian M. Foster, University of Montana
William T. Borrie, University of Montana

When Literature is Limited: Using Grant Language and Project Partner Notes to Conceptually Frame a Study

Ju Hyoung Han, Michigan State University
Gail A. Vander Stoep, Michigan State University
Eun Jeong Noh, Michigan State University

Gatineau Park: Public Participation and Changing Park Purposes in the Windland-Urban Interface

Paul Heintzman, University of Ottawa

Benefits of Emptu Promises: Ecotourism and Local Communities

Tamara R.O. Hewlett, Michigan State University
Sarah Nicholls, Michigan State University

Evidence of Changes Brought about by the Michigan Sage Routes to School Program

Evan Jordan, Michigan State University
Chris Vogt, Michigan State University

Portrait of a Paddler: Profiling Michigan's Water Trail Users

Lauren Knollenberg, Michigan State University
Dr. Mi Ran Kim, Michigan State University
Dr. Christine Vogt, Michigan State University

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of Lake Ontario Resident Bass Angler Motivations, Constraints, and Facilitators

Diane M. Kuehn, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Matthew Brincka, SUNY ESF
Valerie A. Luzadis, SUNY ESF

Recreate Your Commute: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior on Cycling as Transportation

Hobit Lafaye M.S., State University of New York - College at Cortland
Eddie Hill Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Children's Time Outdoors: Results from a National Survey

Lincoln R. Larson, University of Georgia
H Ken Cordell, U.S.D.A Forest Service
Carter J. Betz, U.S.D.A. Forest Service
Gary T. Green, University of Georgia

Visitor Attitudes Toward and Support for Invasive Species Management at Cumberland Island National Seashore

Lincoln R. Larson, University of Georgia
Ryan L. Sharp, National Park Service
Gary T. Green, University of Georgia

Sustainable Tourism Development--How Sustainable are China's Cultural Heritage Sites

Dan Liao, Kent State University
Dr. Philip Wang, Kent State University

Development of the Trout Trail of the Virginias

Radley Edward Miller, West Virginia University
Chad Pierskalla, West Virginia University
Kenneth Semmens, West Virginia University
Cyril Logar, West Virginia University
Alan Collins, West Virginia University

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Constraints to Rock Climbing Participation in Southern Illinois

Ian M. Pendergast-White, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Jean C. Mangun, Siena College

Family Travel Experiences When One Member Has a Developmental Disability

Holly Bosley Perry, The College at Brockport
Mary Kozub, The College at Brockport

Situational and Emotional Influences on the Acceptability of Wolf Management Actions

Jennifer M. Roemer, Colorado State University
Jerry J. Vaske, Colorado State Universtiy
Jonathan G. Taylor, United States Geological Survey, Emeritus

Exploring the Effects of Geocaching on Understanding Natural Resources and History

Jessica Leigh Rosier, St. Cloud State University
Dr. Alvin Hung-Chih Yu, St. Cloud State University

Examining the Complexities of Partnership Administration: Insight into the Programmatic Capacity of the USDA Forest Service

Erin Seekamp, Southern Illinois University
Lee Cerveny, USDA Forest Service
Allie McCreary, Southern Illinois University

From Living to Fish to Fishing to Live: The Evolution of Personal Leisure

William E. Smith, Texas A & M University
Gerard Kyle, Texas A & M University

Motivations for Visiting Farms and Private Forests in Missouri

Sandra Sotomayor M.S., University of Missouri
Carla Barbieri PhD, University of Missouri
Fransisco X. Aguilar PhD, University of Missouri
Sonja Wilhelm Stanis PhD, University of Missouri

Utilizing the Product Club Approach for Birding Trail Planning

Krisztian Vas, University of Waterloo
Dr. Paul F. J. Eagles, University of Waterloo

National Park Service Visitation and Interest: An Update Through 2009

Rodney B. Warnick PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Michael A. Schuett, Texas A & M University
Walt Kuentzel, University of Vermont
Thomas A. More [retired], U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station, Burlington, Vermont
Thomas Stevens, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Outdoor Recreation Participation of Pennsylvanians with Disabilities

Elizabeth H. Weybright, Pennsylvania State University
Alan Graefe, Pennsylvania State University
Andrew Mowen, Pennsylvania State University
Nate Trauntvein, Pennsylvania State University

Place Attachment and Willingness to Pay: How Do Visitors Value State Parks?

Jason W. Whiting, University of Georgia
Lincoln R. Larson, University of Georgia
Dr. Gary T. Green, University of Georgia

Place Attachment and Willingness to Pay: How Do Visitors Value State Parks?

Jason W. Whiting, University of Georgia
Lincoln R. Larson, University of Georgia
Dr. Gary T. Green, University of Georgia

Identifying the Spatial Pattern of Off-Road Vehicle Accidents in Michigan's Silver Lake State Park

I-Chun "Nicky" Wu, Michigan State University
Kimberley Borland, Michigan State University
Charles Nelson, Michigan State University

Recreational Activity and Place Meaning

Christopher J. Wynveen, Baylor University
Gerard T. Kyle, Texas A & M University - College Station
Stephen G. Sutton, James Cook University

Wednesday, August 26th
3:10 AM


Theresa Groth, Michigan State University

3:10 AM