Submissions from 2004

Precision measurement of the neutron spin asymmetry A(1)(n) and spin-flavor decomposition in the valence quark region, X Zheng, K Aniol, DS Armstrong, TD Averett, W Bertozzi, S Binet, E Burtin, E Busato, C Butuceanu, J Calarco, A Camsonne, GD Cates, Z Chai, JP Chen, S Choi, E Chudakov, F Cusanno, R De Leo, A Deur, S Dieterich, D Dutta, JM Finn, S Frullani, H Gao, J Gao, F Garibaldi, S Gilad, R Gilman, J Gomez, JO Hansen, DW Higinbotham, W Hinton, T Horn, CW de Jager, X Jiang, L Kaufman, J Kelly, W Korsch, K Kramer, J LeRose, D Lhuillier, N Liyanage, DJ Margaziotis, F Marie, P Markowitz, K McCormick, ZE Meziani, R Michaels, B Moffit, S Nanda, D Neyret, SK Phillips, A Powell, T Pussieux, B Reitz, J Roche, R Roche, M Roedelbronn, G Ron, M Rvachev, A Saha, N Savvinov, J Singh, S Sirca, K Slifer, P Solvignon, P Souder, DJ Steiner, S Strauch, V Sulkosky, A Tobias, G Urciuoli, A Vacheret, B Wojtsekhowski, H Xiang, Y Xiao, F Xiong, B Zhang, L Zhu, X Zhu, and PA Zolnierczuk

Submissions from 2003

Structural properties of pegged timber connections as affected by end distance, DT Burnett, P Clouston, DT Damery, and P Fisette

Relative importance of early-successional forests and shrubland habitats to mammals in the northeastern United States, TK Fuller and S DeStefano

Feeding habits of age-0 striped bass, Morone saxatilis, in the mid-Hudson River estuary: Temporal, spatial, and ontogenetic variation, RC Jordan, DV Howe, TP Hurst, and F Juanes

Evaluation of female mate choice cues in a group of Lake Malawi mbuna (Cichlidae), R Jordan, K Kellogg, F Juanes, and J Stauffer

The allometry of cannibalism in piscivorous fishes, F Juanes

The conversion of even-aged stands to uneven-aged structure in southern New England, MJ Kelty, DB Kittredge, T Kyker-Snowman, and AD Leighton

Private forestland owners in Sweden - Large-scale cooperation in action, DB Kittredge

Timber harvesting as ongoing disturbance in a landscape of diverse ownership, DB Kittredge, AO Finley, and DR Foster

Salinity tolerance in color phases of female green crabs, Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758), KT Lee, A McKnight, K Kellogg, and F Juanes

Assessing an American Marten, Martes americana, reintroduction in Vermont, TL Moruzzi, KJ Royar, C Grove, RT Brooks, C Bernier, FL Thompson, RM DeGraaf, and TK Fuller

Watershed-scale effects of urbanization on sediment export: Assessment and policy, T Randhir

Vulnerability of marine forage fishes to piscivory: effects of prey behavior on susceptibility to attack and capture, FS Scharf, JA Buckel, PA McGinn, and F Juanes

Using satellite imagery to locate innovative forest management practices in Nepal, CM Schweik, H Nagendra, and DR Sinha

Reduction of stem growth and site dependency of leaf injury in Massachusetts black cherries exhibiting ozone symptoms, P Vollenweider, H Woodcock, MJ Kelty, and RM Hofer

Ferret badger Melogale moschata activity, movements, and den site use in southeastern China, HB Wang and TK Fuller

Food habits of four sympatric carnivores in southeastern China, H Wang and TK Fuller

Submissions from 2002


Medusae Fossae Formation: New perspectives from Mars Global Surveyor, Bethany Bradley, Susan E H Sakimoto, Herbert Frey, and James R. Zimbelman

Movements and activities of white-lipped peccaries in corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, E Carrillo, JC Saenz, and TK Fuller

A stochastic plasticity approach to strength modeling of strand-based wood composites, PL Clouston and F Lam

Hierarchical, multi-scale decomposition of species-environment relationships, SA Cushman and K McGarigal

Nitrogen loading alters seagrass ecosystem structure and support of higher trophic levels, LA Deegan, A Wright, SG Ayvazian, JT Finn, H Golden, RR Merson, and J Harrison

Development of tree regeneration in fern-dominated forest understories after reduction of deer browsing, AL de la Cretaz and MJ Kelty

Survival of protected white-lipped peccaries in Costa Rica, TK Fuller, E Carrillo, and JC Saenz

Symposium review: biology, ecology and life history of bluefish, F Juanes, J Buckel, and F Scharf

Survival of stream-dwelling Atlantic salmon: Effects of life history variation, season, and age, BH Letcher, G Gries, and F Juanes

Can low-precision population and survival estimates of deer be accurate?, MS Mayer, TK Fuller, FD Deblinger, and JE McDonald

Comparative evaluation of experimental approaches to the study of habitat fragmentation effects, K McGarigal and SA Cushman

Assessing remotely triggered cameras for surveying carnivore distribution, TL Moruzzi, TK Fuller, RM DeGraaf, RT Brooks, and WJ Li

Passing the torch of wildlife and fisheries management: Comparing the attitudes and values of younger and older conservation professionals, RM Muth, RR Zwick, ME Mather, and JF Organ

Evidence for density-dependent mortality in recruitment of a temperate reef fish, cunner Tautogolabrus adspersus, among similar reefs in the vicinity of an anthropogenic disturbance, P Nitschke, M Mather, and F Juanes

Phytoremediation potential of Spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis: biosorption and toxicity studies of cadmium, N Rangsayatorn, ES Upatham, M Kruatrachue, P Pokethitiyook, and GR Lanza

Size-dependent vulnerability of juvenile bay anchovy Anchoa mitchilli to bluefish predation: Does large body size always provide a refuge?, FS Scharf, JA Buckel, and F Juanes

The influence of research scale on bald eagle habitat selection along the lower Hudson River, New York (USA), CM Thompson and K McGarigal

Mechanisms for migration of anadromous herring: An ecological basis for effective conservation, LA Yako, ME Mather, and F Juanes

Submissions from 2001

New measurement of parity violation in elastic electron-proton scattering and implications for strange form factors, KA Aniol, DS Armstrong, T Averett, M Baylac, E Burtin, J Calarco, GD Cates, C Cavata, Z Chai, CC Chang, JP Chen, E Chudakov, E Cisbani, M Coman, D Dale, A Deur, P Djawotho, MB Epstein, S Escoffier, L Ewell, N Falletto, JM Finn, A Fleck, B Frois, S Frullani, J Gao, F Garibaldi, A Gasparian, GM Gerstner, R Gilman, A Glamazdin, J Gomez, V Gorbenko, O Hansen, F Hersman, DW Higinbotham, R Holmes, M Holtrop, B Humensky, S Incerti, M Iodice, CW de Jager, J Jardillier, X Jiang, MK Jones, J Jorda, C Jutier, W Kahl, JJ Kelly, DH Kim, MJ Kim, MS Kim, I Kominis, E Kooijman, K Kramer, KS Kumar, M Kuss, J LeRose, R De Leo, M Leuschner, D Lhuillier, M Liang, N Liyanage, R Lourie, R Madey, S Malov, DJ Margaziotis, F Marie, P Markowitz, J Martino, P Mastromarino, K McCormick, J McIntyre, ZE Meziani, R Michaels, B Milbrath, GW Miller, J Mitchell, L Morand, D Neyret, GG Petratos, R Pomatsalyuk, JS Price, D Prout, T Pussieux, G Quemener, RD Ransome, D Relyea, Y Roblin, J Roche, GA Rutledge, PM Rutt, M Rvachev, F Sabatie, A Saha, PA Souder, M Spradlin, S Strauch, R Suleiman, J Templon, T Teresawa, J Thompson, R Tieulent, L Todor, BT Tonguc, PE Ulmer, GM Urciuoli, B Vlahovic, K Wijesooriya, R Wilson, B Wojtsekhowski, R Woo, W Xu, I Younus, and C Zhang

Massachusetts family forests - Birth of a landowner cooperative, PK Barten, D Damery, P Catanzaro, J Fish, S Campbell, A Fabos, and L Fish

Decision making in the purchase of siding: A survey of architects, contractors, and homeowners in the US northeast, DT Damery and P Fisette

Decision making in the purchase of siding: A survey of architects, contractors, and homeowners in the US northeast, DT Damery and P Fisette

Does availability of anthropogenic food enhance densities of omnivorous mammals? An example with coyotes in southern California, JM Fedriani, TK Fuller, and RM Sauvajot

Carnivore demography and the consequences of changes in prey availability, TK Fuller and PR Sievert

An evaluation of territory mapping to estimate fisher density, TK Fuller, EC York, SM Powell, TA Decker, and RM DeGraaf

Estimating the number of fish in Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus thynnus) schools using models derived from captive school observations, B Hanrahan and F Juanes

Mediterranean marine protected areas, F Juanes

Predatory behaviour and selectivity of a primary piscivore: comparison of fish and non-fish prey, F Juanes, JA Buckel, and FS Scharf

Plumage coloration and reproductive success in male chestnut-sided warblers, DI King, RM DeGraaf, and CR Griffin

Productivity of early successional shrubland birds in clearcuts and groupcuts in an eastern deciduous forest, DI King, RM Degraaf, and CR Griffin

Economic incentives for coordinated management of forest land: a case study of southern New England, R Klosowski, T Stevens, D Kittredge, and D Dennis

Genetic and life history differentiation between donor and derivative populations of Atlantic salmon, JL Martinez, S Gephard, F Juanes, J Perez, and E Garcia-Vazquez

Prediction of litter size in American black bears, JE McDonald and TK Fuller

Cumulative effects of roads and logging on landscape structure in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado (USA), K McGarigal, WH Romme, M Crist, and E Roworth

Crown structure and biomass allocation strategies of three juvenile tropical tree species, FD Menalled and MJ Kelty

Search for quadrupole strength in the electroexcitation of the Delta(+)(1232), C Mertz, CE Vellidis, R Alarcon, DH Barkhuff, AM Bernstein, W Bertozzi, V Burkert, J Chen, JR Comfort, G Dodson, S Dolfini, K Dow, M Farkhondeh, JM Finn, S Gilad, RW Gothe, X Jiang, K Joo, NI Kaloskamis, A Karabarbounis, JJ Kelly, S Kowalski, C Kunz, RW Lourie, JI McIntyre, BD Milbrath, R Miskimen, JH Mitchell, CN Papanicolas, CF Perdrisat, AJ Sarty, J Shaw, SB Soong, D Tieger, C Tschalaer, W Turchinetz, PE Ulmer, S Van Verst, GA Warren, LB Weinstein, S Williamson, RJ Woo, and A Young

A comparison of length-, weight-, and age-specific fecundity relationships for cunner in Cape Cod Bay, P Nitschke, M Mather, and F Juanes

A watershed-based land prioritization model for water supply protection, TO Randhir, R O'Connor, PR Penner, and DW Goodwin

Put-and-take fisheries: Investigating catch and retention assumptions, MR Ross and DK Loomis

Notes on the ecology of sympatric small carnivores in southeastern China, H Wang and TK Fuller

Description and evaluation of a remote camera and triggering system to monitor carnivores, EC York, TL Moruzzi, TK Fuller, JF Organ, RM Sauvajot, and RM DeGraaf

Submissions from 2000

Conventional armament wastes induce micronuclei in wild brown trout Salmo trutta, F Ayllon, R Suciu, S Gephard, F Juanes, and E Garcia-Vazquez

Competition and intraguild predation among three sympatric carnivores, JM Fedriani, TK Fuller, RM Sauvajot, and EC York

Can burrow-nesting seabirds be identified from their burrow dimensions?, JB Fischer and CR Griffin

Feeding behavior and food habits of wintering Harlequin Ducks at Shemya Island, Alaska, JB Fischer and CR Griffin

Composition, spatial and temporal variation of Common and Arctic Tern chick diets in the Gulf of Maine, CS Hall, SW Kress, and CR Griffin

Ecology of stream fish: insights gained from an individual-based approach to juvenile Atlantic salmon, F Juanes, BH Letcher, and G Gries

An evaluation of the use of the nature conservancy vegetation classification for mapping bird distribution at chincoteague national wildlife refuge, DI King, CR Griffin, PJ Champlin, and TB Champlin

Housing developments in rural New England: effects on forest birds, DA Kluza, CR Griffin, and RM DeGraaf

The use of microsatellite DNA loci for genetic monitoring of Atlantic salmon populations, JL Martinez, S Gephard, F Juanes, and E Garcia-Vazquez

Application of geographic information technology in determining risk of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus transmission, AC Moncayo, JD Edman, and JT Finn

On the destiny of deer camps and duck blinds: the rise of the animal rights movement and the future of wildlife conservation, RM Muth and WV Jamison

A full, clean glass? Managing New York City's watersheds, RH Platt, PK Barten, and MJ Pfeffer

Effect of water quality standards on farm income, rise, and NPS pollution, TO Randhir and JG Lee

Multiple criteria dynamic spatial optimization to manage water quality on a watershed scale, TO Randhir, JG Lee, and B Engel

Predator size - prey size relationships of marine fish predators: interspecific variation and effects of ontogeny and body size on trophic-niche breadth, FS Scharf, F Juanes, and RA Rountree

Comparison of contingent valuation and conjoint analysis in ecosystem management, TH Stevens, R Belkner, D Dennis, D Kittredge, and C Willis

Setting mist nets from platforms in the forest canopy, AE Stokes, BB Schultz, RM Degraaf, and CR Griffin

Assessing the contribution of anadromous herring to largemouth bass growth, LA Yako, ME Mather, and F Juanes

Submissions from 1999

MOAB: a spatially explicit, individual-based expert system for creating animal foraging models, J Carter and JT Finn

Predation of small eggs in artificial nests: Effects of nest position, edge, and potential predator abundance in extensive forest, RM Degraaf, TJ Maier, and TK Fuller

An evaluation of parturition indices in fishers, HC Frost, EC York, WB Krohn, KD Elowe, TA Decker, SM Powell, and TK Fuller

Capturing and marking adult North American porcupines, SJ Griesemer, MO Hale, U Roze, and TK Fuller

Estimating porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum Linnaeus, 1758) density using radiotelemetry and replicated mark-resight techniques, MO Hale and TK Fuller

Do predation rates on artificial nests accurately reflect predation rates on natural bird nests?, DI King, RM DeGraaf, CR Griffin, and TJ Maier

Regulation and stumpage prices - A tale of two states, DB Kittredge, MG Rickenbach, and SH Broderick

Infectious disease and the conservation of free-ranging large carnivores, DL Murray, CA Kapke, JF Evermann, and TK Fuller

State management of freshwater fisheries resources: Its organizational structure, funding, and programmatic emphases, MR Ross and DK Loomis

The use of spectral mixture analysis to study human incentives, actions, and environmental outcomes, CM Schweik and GM Green

Attitudes and preferences toward co-operative agreements for management of private forestlands in the North-eastern United States, TH Stevens, D Dennis, D Kittredge, and M Rickenbach

Effects of a marine reserve on recruitment of grunts (Pisces : Haemulidae) at Barbados, West Indies, M Tupper and F Juanes