Submissions from 1999

MOAB: a spatially explicit, individual-based expert system for creating animal foraging models, J Carter and JT Finn

Predation of small eggs in artificial nests: Effects of nest position, edge, and potential predator abundance in extensive forest, RM Degraaf, TJ Maier, and TK Fuller

An evaluation of parturition indices in fishers, HC Frost, EC York, WB Krohn, KD Elowe, TA Decker, SM Powell, and TK Fuller

Capturing and marking adult North American porcupines, SJ Griesemer, MO Hale, U Roze, and TK Fuller

Estimating porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum Linnaeus, 1758) density using radiotelemetry and replicated mark-resight techniques, MO Hale and TK Fuller

Do predation rates on artificial nests accurately reflect predation rates on natural bird nests?, DI King, RM DeGraaf, CR Griffin, and TJ Maier

Regulation and stumpage prices - A tale of two states, DB Kittredge, MG Rickenbach, and SH Broderick

Infectious disease and the conservation of free-ranging large carnivores, DL Murray, CA Kapke, JF Evermann, and TK Fuller

State management of freshwater fisheries resources: Its organizational structure, funding, and programmatic emphases, MR Ross and DK Loomis

The use of spectral mixture analysis to study human incentives, actions, and environmental outcomes, CM Schweik and GM Green

Attitudes and preferences toward co-operative agreements for management of private forestlands in the North-eastern United States, TH Stevens, D Dennis, D Kittredge, and M Rickenbach

Effects of a marine reserve on recruitment of grunts (Pisces : Haemulidae) at Barbados, West Indies, M Tupper and F Juanes

Submissions from 1998

Massachusetts: Managing a watershed protection forest, PK Barten, T Kyker-Snowman, PJ Lyons, T Mahlstedt, R O'Connor, and BA Spencer

Sociocultural dimensions of trapping: a factor analytic study of trappers in six northeastern states, JJ Daigle, RM Muth, RR Zwick, and RJ Glass

Phytoremediation: Current views on an emerging green technology, PE Flathman and GR Lanza

Predicting stream pathogen loading from livestock using a geographical information system-based delivery model, RH Fraser, PK Barten, and DAK Pinney

Biological and logistical explanations of variation in wolf population density, TK Fuller and DL Murray

Habitat use by porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) in central Massachusetts: Effects of topography and forest composition, SJ Griesemer, TK Fuller, and RM Degraaf

Microhabitat use by juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) sheltering during the day in summer, G Gries and F Juanes

Breeding ecology and behavior of the Hawaiian Hawk, CR Griffin, PWC Paton, and TS Baskett

Black bear depredation on agricultural commodities in Massachusetts, SA Jonker, JA Parehurst, R Field, and TK Fuller

Edge-related nest predation in clearcut and groupcut stands, DI King, RM Degraaf, and CR Griffin

Nest predator distribution among clearcut forest, forest edge and forest interior in an extensively forested landscape, DI King, CR Griffin, and RM DeGraaf

Doing nothing, DB Kittredge and AM Kittredge

Canopy development in tropical tree plantations: a comparison of species mixtures and monocultures, FD Menalled, MJ Kelty, and JJ Ewel

Land use and aquatic biointegrity in the Blackfoot River watershed, Montana, JA Rothrock, PK Barten, and GL Ingman

Predation by juvenile piscivorous bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix): the influence of prey to predator size ratio and prey type on predator capture success and prey profitability, FS Scharf, JA Buckel, F Juanes, and DO Conover

Inferring ecological relationships from the edges of scatter diagrams: Comparison of regression techniques, FS Scharf, F Juanes, and M Sutherland

Enhancing diet analyses of piscivorous fishes in the Northwest Atlantic through identification and reconstruction of original prey sizes from ingested remains, FS Scharf, RM Yetter, AP Summers, and F Juanes

Induced proton polarization for pi(0) electroproduction at Q(2)=0.126 GeV2/c(2) around the Delta(1232) resonance, GA Warren, R Alarcon, C Armstrong, B Asavapibhop, DH Barkhuff, W Bertozzi, V Burkert, J Chen, JP Chen, JR Comfort, D Dale, G Dodson, S Dolfini, K Dow, M Epstein, M Farkhondeh, JM Finn, S Gilad, RW Gothe, X Jiang, M Jones, K Joo, A Karabarbounis, J Kelly, S Kowalski, C Kunz, D Liu, RW Lourie, R Madey, D Margaziotis, P Markowitz, JI McIntyre, C Mertz, BD Milbrath, R Miskimen, J Mitchell, S Mukhopadhyay, CN Papanicolas, C Perdrisat, V Punjabi, L Qin, P Rutt, A Sarty, J Shaw, SB Soong, D Tieger, C Tschalaer, W Turchinetz, P Ulmer, S Van Verst, C Vellidis, LB Weinstein, S Williamson, RJ Woo, and A Young

The potential for wolf recovery in the northeastern United States via dispersal from southeastern Canada, AP Wydeven, TK Fuller, W Weber, and K MacDonald

Submissions from 1996

Genetic variation among populations of the redbelly turtle (Pseudemys rubriventris)., RA Browne, NA Haskell, CR Griffin, and JW Ridgeway

Ecosystem-based management on multiple NIPF ownerships, SM Campbell and DB Kittredge

An inexpensive compact automatic camera system for wildlife research, WR Danielson, RM Degraaf, and TK Fuller

Denning patterns of Porcupines, Erethizon dorsatum, SJ Griesemer, TK Fuller, and RM DeGraaf

Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) demography in central Massachusetts, MB Hale and TK Fuller

Size related survival of headstarted redbelly turtles (Pseudemys rubriventris) in Massachusetts, A Haskell, TE Graham, CR Griffin, and JB Hestbeck

Comparing early life history strategies of Pomatomus saltatrix: A global approach, F Juanes, JA Hare, and AG Miskiewicz

Effects of clearcutting on habitat use and reproductive success of the ovenbird in forested landscapes, DI King, CR Griffin, and RM Degraaf

Protection of habitat for rare wetland fauna during timber harvesting in Massachusetts (USA), DB Kittredge

Occurrence and effect of the parasitic isopod, Lironeca ovalis (Isopoda: Cymothoidae), on young-of-the-year bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix (Pisces: Pomatomidae), RE Marks, F Juanes, JA Hare, and DO Conover

Breeding biology of the brown noddy on Tern Island, Hawaii, JL Megyesi and CR Griffin

Brown noddy chick predation by great frigatebirds in the northwestern Hawaiian islands', JL Megyesi and CR Griffin

ILFC symposium. Early life history of Pomatomus saltatrix: Introduction, AG Miskiewicz, F Juanes, and JA Hare

Diet of the lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris L) in the Tabaro River valley, southern Venezuela, LA Salas and TK Fuller

The importance of statistical power analysis: An example from Animal Behaviour, L Thomas and F Juanes

Darwin's fox: A distinct endangered species in a vanishing habitat, CJ Yahnke, WE Johnson, E Geffen, D Smith, F Hertel, MS Roy, CF Bonacic, TK Fuller, B vanValkenburgh, and RK Wayne

Submissions from 1995

Survival and Cause-Specific Mortality-Rates of Adult Bobcats (Lynx Rufus), TK Fuller, SL BERENDZEN, TA DECKER, and JE CARDOZA

Prey and estimated food consumption of African wild dogs in Kenya, TK Fuller, TH Nicholls, and PW Kat

Potential effects of climate change on marine growth and survival of Fraser River sockeye salmon, SG Hinch, MC Healey, RE Diewert, KA Thomson, R Hourston, MA Henderson, and F Juanes

The ecological consequences of limb damage and loss in decapod crustaceans: A review and prospectus, F Juanes and LD Smith

Management Issues and Their Relative Priority within State Fisheries Agencies, ME MATHER, DL PARRISH, RA STEIN, and RM Muth