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Family Nurse Practioner

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Substance Use Disorder, Education, Mindfulness, Medication assisted Treatment


Deborah Rosenbloom

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Deborah Rosenbloom

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Kimberly Dion

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Omar Faruk


Background: The complex psychological and social needs of patients with substance use disorders present challenges for healthcare providers. A multidisciplinary approach that includes medications, psychosocial treatment, and education to assist the patient with disease management is common. This approach improves outcomes and promotes recovery. Evidence clearly suggests that tailored treatment programs incorporating medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in conjunction with behavioral modification and psychotherapy yield positive treatment outcomes (NIDA, 2016). Purpose: The purpose of this project was to determine whether an educational program coupled with existing treatment modalities was comprehensive and innovative in MAT approaches. The educational program focused on risks of drug abuse, triggers, stress, cravings, and wellness topics, as well as incorporating the use of mindfulness exercises. Methods A post intervention questionnaire and verbal feedback from the participants was used to assess effectiveness of the educational program. Results The data showed that the educational program was well received and acceptable for use in the MAT setting. Conclusion Education in chronic disease management and the use of mindfulness techniques were both shown to be feasible and acceptable, which may prove beneficial in reducing the likelihood of relapse in patients with substance use disorder.

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