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ADHD; parent education; parent stress; systematic review; guidelines


Donna Zucker

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Donna Zucker

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Gabrielle Abelard

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Brandi Irwin


Background: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common condition characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Over 50% of children diagnosed with ADHD experience these symptoms into adulthood. The symptoms of ADHD a child exhibits can be very challenging for parents to manage and their understanding of the child’s behavior is often limited. Parenting programs include psychosocial interventions that teach techniques that parents can use to manage their child’s challenging behavior. Parent-focused education on managing symptoms for a child with ADHD has been shown to improve quality of life for both parents and child.

Objective: To determine whether parent training programs are effective in reducing parental stress, improving parenting skills to manage their child’s behavioral problems, and reducing child’s behavioral issues in children ages 4-17 years old diagnosed with ADHD.

Selection Criteria: The type of studies included were randomized controlled trials, non-randomized controlled trials, prospective cohort studies, and analytical cross sectional studies.

Methods: A toolkit was developed and shared with a health care provider working with children and included decision-making resources for parent training. The toolkit was provided to a total of seven families.

Results: Analysis of data collected demonstrated out of the four parents who were unaware of the resources, none attended a program (0%), but all of them were willing to try it out in the future (100%). The rest of the three parents were already aware of the resources with all (100%) attending one of the behavioral intervention programs that resulted in all (100%) displaying reduction of stress and child behavioral issues as well as improvements in skills to manage their child with ADHD.

Conclusion: The review of evidence and the evaluation of the parents who attended parenting programs demonstrated parent training reduced parental stress as well as children’s behavioral issues and improved parenting skills to better manage their children.

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