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Evaluation of Assisted Living Satisfaction


Pamela Asselton

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Pamela Asselton

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Raeann LeBlanc


Background. Many older adults and their families are faced with difficulties paying for safe living situations as well as the expenses of healthcare for those with chronic diseases. Assisted living facilities provide support to patients and their families in this, however costs can be high and services limited.

Methods: Residents and their families were given a questionnaire related to reasons for choosing an assisted living facility and the expectations of the facility and services as well as their satisfaction with living there and the care received.

Results: Twenty-one people filled out the questionnaire. The most frequently cited reasons for choosing assisted living included: having 24 hour help available, socialization, and cost. Assisted living over home care was chosen due to: safety, cost, and that supervision required. They liked having available staff and socialization. Residents expect nursing staff to be professional, help promptly when requested, administer medications, and help with daily needs such as changing oxygen. The quality of nursing, turnover of the staff, and nurse to resident ratio were all cited as important factors.

Conclusion: Respondents were most concerned with having daily assistance and easing the burden of everyday concerns and an assisted living facility that will facilitate a safe social and comfortable environment. They were less concerned about future medical issues, than with the overall daily functioning of the assisted care facility.

Key Words: assisted living, health promotion model, socialization, safety

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