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Resources for caregivers of person with dementia


Pamela Aselton

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Pamela Aselton

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Jean DeMartinis

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Jodie Genovese



Background: The risk of burnout among caregivers of people with dementia is on the increase. Dementia is a progressive neuropsychiatric disorder affecting the cognitive function resulting in confusion and disorientation leading to greater demands on the caregiver which can lead to depression, social isolation, stress, worsening personal health, anxiety, fatigue, financial losses, and potential for abuse.

Methods: This project focused on creating a toolkit for nursing staff caring for patients with dementia followed by a presentation designed to provide options for caregiver support that can assist the caregiver in decreasing their feelings of stress and burnout. This included strategies for coping with dementia and some of the behaviors that go with it, as well as websites and phone resources.

Results: Nine nurses attended the presentation and seven took both pre and post- test. The pre-test allowed for additional strategies to be suggested and the post-test indicated that most nurses had a good idea of strategies to present to caregivers. A toolkit was provided and a brochure to caregivers.

Conclusion: The toolkit presentations and caregiver resource brochure were positively accepted by the nine of eleven nursing staff. The nursing staff indicated that this caregiver brochure was a resource that would be sustainable for future use. Nurses caring for persons with dementia are in the best position to educate the caregivers and provide the necessary resources that they may need.

Keywords: dementia and caregiver burden, Alzheimer’s, caregiver support, resource, and interventions, staff

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