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Public Health Nurse Leader

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psychiatric nurse practitioner, emergency department, mental health crisis, psychiatric emergency


Raeann G. LeBlanc

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Raeann G. LeBlanc

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Douglas Mullendore


Background: Acute mental health care needs are not always optimally managed in the Emergency Department (ED) with the traditional approach to care and management. The ED encounter for psychiatric patients is lengthy, costly, fragmented, inefficient and often ineffective, contributing to poor outcomes.. Purpose: To introduce the evidence- based advanced nursing practice model to ED professionals and staff for feedback and evaluation of an ED-based Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner care delivery model for the acute care of psychiatric patients. Implementation: The care delivery model was created based on evidence and presented to professionals and staff at one medical center ED. A focus group discussion followed the presentation and presentation attendees were provided with a link to an online survey the next day for evaluation of the proposed model. Outcomes: The care delivery model was well received to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of acute mental health care in the ED. Conclusion: Future presentations of the ED-based Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner care delivery model will be necessary for a broader range of perspectives and a more accurate consensus.

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