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Mindfulness training, Nursing Students, competency, empathy


Raeann LeBlanc



This project was the implementation of mindfulness training for undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students to decrease perceived stress and increase their awareness and attention though mindfulness. The literature supports the importance of stress reduction in regard to improving perceived well–being and consequently improving ability to learn. Mindfulness is identified as an important aspect of self-care that increases awareness and attention, while ultimately improving well-being, all of which leads to better knowledge acquisition and the ability to be empathetic. For nursing students this includes improved knowledge acquisition, technical skills, clinical knowledge and critical decision making. The literature clearly supports the tenet that improved learning leads to more resilient and empathetic nurses. This project selected a convenience sample of second year baccalaureate nursing students and assessed their perceived stress levels as well as attentiveness and awareness through mindfulness at the beginning of their spring semester. They were trained in a modified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (mMSRB) program, which they then implemented in their lives. Their perceived stress levels and mindfulness were reassessed after the implementation of the MBSR program at the end of the spring semester. The results showed that the effect of a mMBSR program is significantly related to reduced perceive stress levels and increase attentiveness and awareness of nursing students.

Keywords: mindfulness, cognitive behavioral training, stress, anxiety, empathy, wellbeing, nursing, and students

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