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Tuberculosis, Knowledge, Immigrant, Migrant, Stigma


Donna Zucker

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Donna Zucker

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Mary Kiely


Background: Persons born outside the United States accounted for 85% of all the active Tuberculosis (TB) cases in New York City (NYC) in 2016. Individuals from countries with a high burden of TB, such as the Philippines, have a higher risk of developing TB than persons born in the United States. This is a significant health disparity. The reluctance of these individuals to seek TB screening due to lack of TB knowledge and fear of being stigmatized may contribute to this disparity. Research supports the need to provide community-based TB education. Purpose: The goal of this research translation project was to improve knowledge of TB among Filipino Americans in NYC by providing community-based TB education. Methods: A published TB Knowledge Instrument (TBKI) with a pre-test and post-test design was used to measure if knowledge about TB had improved after completing the education program Plan/Procedure: The TB education intervention was directed to adult members of the Filipino American community at a local neighborhood center in NYC; 25 volunteers participated. Conclusions: All 25 participants showed an improvement in TB knowledge after the presentation; the desired project goal was achieved. The TBKI items measured basic TB facts and showed improvement in 12 out of 14 outcomes. Overcoming misperceptions about tuberculin skin testing and Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine was more challenging but provided opportunities for improvement with future TB programs. Collaborating with at-risk community groups to provide TB education can increase knowledge, reduce the fear of TB stigma and empower individuals to seek screening for TB.

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