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Implementing a Yoga-Based Stress Reduction Quality Improvement Project for Hypertensive Patients in Primary Care

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Hypertension, stress, intervention, yoga, adherence


Karen Kalmakis

DNP Project Chair

Raeann Leblanc



Background: Uncontrolled hypertension remains an ongoing costly and fatal issue in healthcare. Stress as a risk factor for hypertension is modifiable, but stress screening and counseling is underutilized in primary care. Stress management strategies have proven beneficial, with yoga showing the highest impact on both stress and blood pressure reduction.

Methods: The purpose of this quality improvement (QI) project was to assist in the recognition of stress as a modifiable risk factor in hypertensive adults using a stress screening and yoga-based intervention to improve quality care and health outcomes at a primary care facility. An optional stress reduction program was offered by this DNP student, where education on hypertension and stress reduction was provided, blood pressure, stress level, and medication adherence were assessed, a link to cost-free yoga exercises was provided, and weekly follow-ups were performed.

Results: Ten out of ten female patients were willing and eligible to enroll in the project. Engagement rate of participants in the yoga program was 70% (7) after education was provided. Seventy percent (7) of patients gained knowledge on hypertension and stress health through completed screening. Sixty percent (6) of patients reported they would continue using yoga in the future.

Conclusion: The project was determined to be feasible and effective; BP, stress level, and medication compliance all remained the same or improved. The results of this QI pilot project support the feasibility and effectiveness of a stress screening and yoga-based intervention for hypertensive patients to assist in stress and blood pressure management in primary care.

Keywords: Hypertension, stress, intervention, yoga, adherence

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