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Asthma, MDI, Asthma Education, MDI Education, Pediatric, Pediatric Education


Jean E DeMartinis

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Karen M Plotkin

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Jean E Martinis


Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) are a commonly prescribed delivery method for prescription medications in primary care that have been demonstrated to have poor rates of proper technique by patients resulting in less effective inhalation outcomes. Education that is comprehensive, consistent, and includes written and oral instruction and demonstration by the provider with return demonstration by the patient in addition has been found to have the highest rates of improvement in technique mastery and inhalation outcomes. Through the initiation of consistent, comprehensive education, this project demonstrated an increase in proper MDI technique checklist scores pre and post education in children at a primary practice pediatric outpatient facility that self-identified as lacking in consistent MDI technique assessment and education. The expected outcome of this project was to increase the amount of metered dose inhaler technique checklist steps performed properly 50% in the post-education demonstration compared to the patient’s pre-education demonstration, while encouraging healthcare provider’s involvement and ensuring patient comfort. Efficacy of education in increasing proper technique was measured through the comparison of pre and post-education demonstration of technique with the healthcare provider recording the proper steps that are completed at each demonstration.

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