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Type 2 Diabetes, self-management, text messaging, smartphone application.


Dr. Pamela Aselton


Background: Self-care is a crucial component in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). The literature shows that frequent feedback on blood sugar recordings together with reminders can lead to improvements in patient’s glucose control and diabetic self-care. The Chronic Care Model developed by Wagner emphasizes the importance of patient participation in the management of their chronic diseases.

Purpose: To explore the possibility of using smartphone technology to help adults with T2DM better manage this chronic disease in a primary care clinic in New England.

Methods: A smartphone application (App) OnTrack Diabetes (OnTrack) and text messaging were used to enhance communication between the patient and the provider. After receiving facility and IRB waivers, participants were recruited and trained on the downloaded App. Data was generated through text messages, the App and DNP student journaling, which was evaluated for patient and provider satisfaction with the App.

Results: This project lasted about five months with five out of the seven participants recruited actually completing the project. Many (60%) of the participants found the App useful, 80% followed through with the instructions in the text messages and 60% intend to continue to use the App. Three out of five providers liked the App and intend to continue to use it. Most (80%) of the participants noticed a decrease in blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C and weight.

Conclusion: This project confirms that an App and text messaging may be a useful tool for primary care providers to enhance self management in patients with T2DM and that frequent communication with the patient in between face to face office visits keeps them engaged and more compliant with diabetes management.