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De Novo Cancer Monitoring, Heart Transplantation, Telephone Follow-up, Malignancy, Chronic Immunosuppression


Dr. Jeungok Choi, RN, PhD

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Dr. Jeungok Choi, RN, PhD

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Dr. Paolo C. Colombo


“De Novo Cancer Monitoring for Adult Heart Transplant Patients to Improve Early

Detection and Intervention”


Background. The surgical advancements in orthotopic heart transplantation along with improvements in immunosuppressive drugs increase the survival rate and quality of life of heart transplant recipients. However, the prolonged use of immunosuppressive medications increases the risk of infection and related cancer. Solid organ transplant recipients have approximately two to three-fold higher risk of developing de novo cancers. Thus, modulation of immunosuppression regimen and cancer screening appear as key factors in preventing and treating de novo cancer among solid organ transplant recipients.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to examine the effectiveness of multiple follow-up phone calls after clinic visits as an intervention to enhance compliance with cancer surveillance in adult heart transplant recipients.

Methods: The convenience sample of consenting participants (n= 41) was randomly divided into intervention (n = 21) and control (n=20) groups. The intervention group received multiple follow-up phone calls at designated time intervals after a clinic visit to reinforce compliance with cancer screening. The control group continued to receive routine care.

Results: The intervention resulted in a significant statistical difference (χ2 (1) = 4.062, p=0.044<.05) between the control and the intervention groups for timely cancer screening. The intervention group had a 50% follow-up with a specialist compared to the 15% follow up-rate of the control group.

Conclusion: A nurse practitioner-led multiple follow-up phone calls was effective in increasing de novo cancer screening among adult heart transplant recipients.

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