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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Family Nurse Practioner

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Foster Care, Screening, Trauma, Resilience


Karen Kalmakis

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Karen Kalmakis

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Catrina Patricia Graham (Blake)


Children within the foster care community experience health disparities on a variety of levels, from physical and mental health conditions, developmental delay, and impaired social interactions. Many of these conditions can stem from the experience of trauma or adverse childhood events that color each component of their lives. For healthcare providers to be successful in the assessment and treatment of this community, an understanding of traumatic events and the delivery of trauma-informed care is essential. The complex needs of this community are such that the provision of healthcare must be specialized, multidimensional, and organized. The purpose of this project is to assist in the development of a clinic that specializes in the delivery of primary care to the foster care community, with a focus on screening and assessment for the experience of trauma. Children were screened for child trauma as well as for resiliency behaviors, and a tool for chart review was used to examine current health status and services. With the assistance of stakeholders, meticulous follow up on screening results, referrals and recommendations made ensured that no opportunities were missed to provide the highest quality care for this underserved community.

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