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health coach, lifestyle coach, motivation, wellness


Jean DeMartinis, PhD, FNP-BC

DNP Project Chair

Jean DeMartinis, PhD, FNP-BC



Background: Chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, and cancer account for 71% of all deaths globally. Health and wellness coaching provides an evidence-based platform from which healthcare professionals can orchestrate coaching strategies with the finesse necessary to elicit and sustain a client’s desire for positive lifestyle change for risk factor reduction of chronic illnesses.

Purpose: The purpose of this Integrative Review for Health and Wellness Coaching for Lifestyle Intervention Toolkit/Blog Presentation was to demonstrate to healthcare professionals an evidence-based best practice designed to increase self-efficacy and empower individuals.

Presentation of Toolkit: A 90-minute evidence-based Toolkit/Blog Presentation to 11 healthcare professionals via Zoom and in person took place at a northeastern university satellite.

Results/Interpretation: Presenter effectiveness in presenting to overall purpose/goal that the healthcare professional achieved current knowledge and skills in health and wellness coaching for lifestyle intervention had a Likert scale weighted average (WA) of 4.57 from a scale of 5 (strongly agree) to 1 (strongly disagree). Learner’s achievement of objectives on Questions 2–6 had a grand mean WA of 4.48 (strongly agree), and presentation expertise of the speaker evaluated by Questions 7–10 had a grand mean WA of 4.69 (strongly agree). Quantitative results and qualitative responses strongly supported achievement of the purpose/goals.

Conclusion: Health and wellness coaching is essential. Obesity prevalence remains high, adherence to a healthy lifestyle low, and lack of health and wellness coaching expertise exists, all demonstrating a need for this evidence-based Health and Wellness Coaching Toolkit/Blog using mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and self-determination theory to improve self-efficacy and empower clients for sustainable lifestyle changes.

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