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health literacy, patient education, transition of care, nursing informatics, NoteAid, nursing informatics, meaningful use


Dr. Pamela Aselton

DNP Project Chair

Dr. Pamela Aselton


Background: Many adults in the United States lack health literacy necessary to understand patient education materials given to them, such as discharge summary. Re-hospitalization rates are higher due to poor transition of care planning. Older adults may only be provided with written instruction for their complex chronic conditions with multiple changes in medical or treatment plan, or uncommon surgical procedures. Nurses are instrumental in bridging the gap, as they often educate, advocate, and use health technology.

Purpose: To educate nurses on the availability of NoteAid as a natural language translation system that can help increase their comprehension of electronic health records through participant evaluation how it can improve quality of care in transition of care process.

Methods: Ten nurses were presented NoteAid as a PowerPoint presentation. A post-evaluation including feedback, and knowledge question on part of sample Assessment and Plan from discharge summary with an overlay of NoteAid was included. The discharge summary was evaluated using Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT).

Results: Although there is a need for a larger sample size, the ten nurse participants were positive that NoteAid can be useful in improving their older patient’s understanding of health teaching from discharge or visit summaries. However, the aging population may find it challenging, depending on their ability to use computers or technology available.

Implications: To decrease re-hospitalization rates, reduce common medical errors, and promote patient or family advocacy. This can help Hospital systems meet most of the “five pillars” of health outcomes for EHR meaningful use.

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