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inhaler, COPD, asthma, teach-back


Dr. Raeann Leblanc

DNP Project Chair

Sheila Pennell, PhD, RN


Background: Patients with asthma and COPD often do not use prescribed inhalers correctly. This impacts the safety and effectiveness of the medication and potentially leads to increased symptoms, exacerbations, and hospitalizations. Inhaler technique should be assessed regularly; however, many patients do not receive initial education on devices or follow up evaluation to ensure correct use. Many healthcare providers (HCPs) are not properly educated on how to use inhalers, and a correlation exists between poor patient inhaler technique and improper training by HCPs. Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project is to increase HCPs ability and confidence to teach and assess inhaler technique among asthma and COPD patients. Methods: This project included an educational in-service at a primary care office. HCPs were provided education on how to teach and assess inhaler technique utilizing the teach-back method. The intervention included pre-intervention surveys and presentation of a PowerPoint. Post-intervention included an immediate post- intervention survey following the PowerPoint presentation to evaluate effectiveness of the in-service. Four weeks following the in-service participants were given another survey to evaluate HCPs use of learnings as part of their routine plan of care in practice. Results: Findings included overall increases in HCP confidence and utilization of the teach-back method as a result of the intervention. Conclusion: This DNP project supported findings in literature that many HCPs do not assess inhaler technique at office visits and are not adequately trained to teach and assess technique. The teach-back method proved to be an effective method to help increase HCPs ability and confidence to teach and assess inhaler technique in asthma and COPD patients.

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