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Intimate partner violence, pregnancy, postpartum, screening, nursing, barriers


Dr. Terri Black

DNP Project Chair

Dr. Terri Black



Background and Review of the Literature: Intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy is a global public health issue that has negative outcomes on both an individual and a societal level. Health care providers play a pivotal role in providing services to women experiencing violence during pregnancy. Regardless of the setting, barriers to IPV screening exist among healthcare providers. Review of the literature examined the existing IPV screening practices and screening barriers among healthcare providers to better understand the relationship between barriers and frequency of screening for IPV. Purpose: The purpose of this DNP project was to enhance knowledge of IPV for postpartum nurses. Methods: Sixty-eight postpartum nurses employed at an inner city academic medical center were invited to complete the Barriers to Abuse Assessment Tool adapted for Postpartum Nurses (BAAT-PPN) followed by a DNP student created eLearning module. Fifteen nurses completed the BAAT-PPN aimed at identifying site specific barriers to IPV screening. Sixty-seven nurses completed the educational intervention focused on IPV in pregnancy and site resources. A pre/post intervention test was used to assess the nurses knowledge. Results: Systemic (50.00%) and knowledge (25.00%) barriers were identified as most important in IPV assessment. Outcome measures indicated an increase in nursing knowledge specifically in the areas of defining IPV (28.01%), frequency of IPV (26.52%), factors associated with IPV in pregnancy (14.71%), and resources available at the site (32.31%). Conclusion: Nurses consider IPV screening within their scope of practice but identified lack of training as a barrier. Raising awareness through education is an important facilitator in improving recognition of and response to IPV among nurses.

Keywords: domestic violence, intimate partner violence, pregnancy, postpartum,

screening, nursing, and barriers.

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