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video-assisted, anesthesia, epidural, patient education


Dr. Mary Paterno


Introduction: The use of epidural analgesia for labor pain is becoming more common across the United States. Laboring mothers report feeling under informed about epidural side effects and dissatisfaction with the timing of the information.Background: Providing appropriate and adequate education and informed consent for epidural analgesia can prove challenging, especially during labor. Nevertheless, it is important for women to understand the potential risks in order to make a fully informed decision. Purpose: The purpose of this Quality improvement project was to show evidence of the benefits for the use of an obstetric anesthesia video during the education process and to devise a plan for the implementation of video-assisted education during anesthesia consultation to help improve patient knowledge and satisfaction prior to labor and delivery. Method: Patients were provided a 36-week anesthesia consultation. During the consultation they were provided anesthesia education in the form of an educational video and verbal discussion. Pre and post epidural knowledge was assessed utilizing questionnaires given at the beginning of the consultation and again after watching the epidural video. Results: At the completion of the data collection period, 40 pre- and post-intervention surveys had been collected. A Paired T test comparing the means of the pre and post education survey found a significant difference (p<0.01) between correct responses indicating improved knowledge after the intervention. Additionally, mean patient satisfaction score was 3.63 (SD 0.42) on a one to four point scale indicating satisfaction with education process.Conclusion: Results from the QI project appear to support the use of an educational epidural video during the antenatal anesthesia consultation for epidural education as a means to improve patient knowledge and satisfaction.

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