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Background and Review of Literature: Deaths related to the misuse of opioids for chronic pain management has increased over several years. Policies have been made to control and monitor prescription opioids and decrease the amount prescribed for patients. However, there has been little education provided to patients regarding self-management strategies to help manage their pain independently or with combination of their medications.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to address this gap in self-management strategies through an evidence-based educational intervention.

Methods: An evidence based educational intervention was provided to selected primary care patients at an urban community health center. Pre- and post-evaluation of pain self-management ability was measured using the Pain Self-Efficiency Questionnaire (PSEQ).

Results: After completing the implementation of this project and the data analysis, it was determined that even though there was a small percentage of drop put rate, the overall mean score for PSEQ scores increased from 21.5 pre implementation to 24.5 after implementation. These results demonstrated the positive effect self-management strategies have on pain management and daily living.

Conclusion: Pain self-management programs and non-pharmaceutical strategies have been shown to improve chronic pain management. By providing patients with the latest evidence-based education and resources regarding effective self-management strategies to manage pain have been demonstrated to improve chronic pain management.

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