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Family Nurse Practioner

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cervical cancer, cervical cancer screening, clinical practice guidelines, provider adherence, human papillomavirus, Papanicolaou smear


Jean E. DeMartinis

DNP Project Chair

Jean E. DeMartinis, PhD, FNP-BC

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Karen Kalmakis, PhD, FNP-BC

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Mary E. Norato-Indeglia, MSN, MBA, ANP-C


Cervical cancer is the second most common malignancy that affects women worldwide (WHO, 2011). Adherence to cervical cancer screening practice guidelines and use of high-quality screening practices by primary care providers (PCPs) can reduce associated rates of morbidity and mortality. With recent changes in practice guidelines stemming from evolving scientific evidence suggesting more frequent screening for cervical cancer leads to overtreatment, providers have not fully adopted newer, less frequent testing when indicated for otherwise healthy women. This research translation project involved the assessment of adherence to cervical cancer screening guidelines of 9 primary care providers (7 physicians and 2 nurse practitioners) employed at an urban outpatient internal medicine practice specializing in women’s care. The 9 providers completed a pre-test of three clinical vignettes to assess baseline knowledge of current guidelines. Post-testing followed an educational intervention on the guidelines, resulting in 100% accuracy for all 9 providers. Participants identified patient understanding of newer guidelines as a barrier to lesser interval screening. Supplying providers with patient education resources creates the opportunity for patient-provider collaboration while enhancing patient-centered care.

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