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Trauma-informed care, primary care, military, trauma, stress


Karen Kalmakis

DNP Project Chair

Karen Kalmakis


Background: Military service members and their families are a unique population that faces stressors at an increased rate in a distinctive environment. Trauma-informed primary care provides a holistic, person-centered approach to health care that acknowledges past trauma universally. Practitioners who specialize in trauma-informed care promote health, healing, and recovery from trauma and its effect on diseases and disorders.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to educate clinic staff about trauma-informed primary care and to provide licensed independent providers universal client educational materials about the effects of trauma on health.

Methods: Pre- and post-intervention surveys were used to evaluate affinity for and understanding of trauma-informed primary care. The intervention was comprised of two educational videos. Next, the providers were given universal client education sheets for their clients. A third survey was sent to the providers that included a self-reported rate of distribution.

Results: Fifteen clinic staff members participated in the educational intervention. Staff reported improved affinity for trauma-informed primary care, with a mean practice improvement of 3.64 (p < .001). The providers continued to improve their affinity for trauma-informed primary care. However, they did not significantly increase their use of the universal client education sheet. Conclusion: Educating staff about trauma-informed primary care increases affinity for this type of approach. However, it did not increase the providers use of a universal client education sheet. In this project, this may be a significant change in practice that needs to evolve over more time with greater affinity for trauma-informed primary care.

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