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Hyeyoung Park, Ph.D, RN

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Hyeyoung Park, Ph.D, RN

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John Kplforia, DNP, RN


Background: Decreased mobility for patients in long-term care (LTC) can lead to a slew of health-related issues such as sedentariness, cognitive decline, increased falls, and pressure injuries. Lack of perception and/or knowledge of the importance of mobility can lead to care of omission by nurses towards their patients. Educational interventions are effective to increase nurse’s knowledge base and perceived importance of resident mobility.

Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project was to assess the effect of an in-person educational intervention on the nurses’ perception and understanding of the importance of mobility for LTC residents.

Methods: One thirty-minute PowerPoint educational intervention was developed based on the most recent recommendations form several evidence-based peer reviewed articles. It was completed by 31 nurses throughout eight sessions over a two-day period in December 2020. Participants completed five perception questions and five knowledge base questions before and after the educational intervention. The effectiveness of intervention was analyzed using a paired t-test for perception questions and McNemar’s P-test for knowledge base questions.

Results: Thirty-one participants completed the pre and post education questionnaire. Results showed that there is a positive perception increase and at least a 50% increase in knowledge scores after the educational intervention.

Conclusion: An in-person educational intervention had a positive impact on LTC nurses’ perception and knowledge towards mobility. Future projects should focus on sustainment of this through annual competencies.

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