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Dr. Pamela Aselton


Background: More support and education are required among mental health providers and clinicians regarding the use of genetic testing and pharmacogenomics as a means to help support psychopharmacology. Although testing for pharmacogenetics is still fairly new more information is needed by clinicians in order for it to be applied to practice.

Methods: This quality improvement project took place at a psychiatric outpatient clinic included providers, nurses and caseworkers. After an educational intervention of podcast/videos and handouts were sent to participants a pre and post-test was administered to assess their knowledge of genetic testing. Participants were also given a questionnaire to assess any willingness to change and the potential for setting up genetic testing at the site in the future.

Results: Out of 26 staff a total of 12 participated in the educational intervention and knowledge quizzes and questionnaire. The average test score increased from the pre to post-test score and the questionnaire responses showed positive trends as well.

Conclusion: Staff are willing to engage with new tools, such as pharmacogenomics when engaged with educational tools and properly supported and monitored afterwards.

Keywords: pharmacogenomics, genetic testing, CYP450, psychopharmacology, predictive testing, drug, metabolism

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