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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Intervention, Overweight, Obese, Child, Adolescent, Primary Care


Karen Kalmakis

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Karen Kalmakis

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Emma Dundon

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Susan Harp


The rising rates of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents have been accompanied by an increase in adverse health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There is a need for evidence-based interventions that can be used by primary care providers to address this issue. Therefore, the purpose of this research translation project was to provide education to children and adolescents and their families on healthy nutrition and physical activity, thus increasing knowledge related to healthy lifestyle patterns and significantly reducing body mass index (BMI). A Primary Care Healthy Choices Intervention Program for Overweight and Obese School-Aged Children and Their Parents (Jacobson & Melnyk, 2012) was the foundation for this project. Their program highlighted the use of remote methods to offer education regarding healthy choices resulting in decreased BMI. A 1-group, 7-week pre-/posttest design was used with outcome measures including BMI percentile and physical activity and nutrition knowledge. Children and adolescents found the project to be informative and helpful in promoting healthy behaviors. Beneficial effects of the intervention included decreased BMI percentile and increased knowledge regarding healthy nutrition and physical activity. This project provides further support that remote education in conjunction with motivational interviewing can result in beneficial outcomes and may provide a convenient, cost-effective approach in which to reach this population

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