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infection control practices, perceptions, compliance, safety, nursing, nosocomial infections


Donna Zucker

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Raeann LeBlanc

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Kayera Kashmiri


Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) have been estimated to be in the millions, directly associated with 99,000 deaths and costing nearly $28 to $33 billion in excess health care costs each year (AHRQ, 2011; Scott, 2009). The literature indicates that healthcare workers are aware and understand that their patients are susceptible to HAIs and that they themselves can affect patient outcomes. However, despite this awareness and the existence of evidence based HAI guidelines there are clear gaps between what is recommended and practiced, greatly impacting the acquisition of HAIs. The objective of this capstone project was to assess for gaps between HAI recommendations and practices in the acute care setting, provide interventions to address these gaps, and thereby impact HAI acquisition rates and patient outcomes.

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