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LGBTQ health, provider competency, AIM, emergency department


Karen Kalmakis

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Raeann LeBlanc

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Lisa Salisbury



Background: The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) population have poorer health outcomes and health disparities due to stigma and discrimination when compared to the general population. The LGBTQ population represents many ethnicities, races, religions, social classes which creates an additional barrier to care. The LGBTQ person has higher rates of being uninsured and therefore healthcare is often delayed, or medical attention is sought in the emergency department (ED) for nonurgent issues.

Purpose: To increase competency of ED providers when caring for the LGBTQ population in the ED by implementing an evidence-based educational program.

Methods: The quality improvement (QI) project was conducted at a community ED and offered to physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and ancillary staff. Provider’s knowledge regarding LGBTQ healthcare was assessed using the Ally Identity Measure (AIM). An educational presentation was offered by a pre-recorded video of a PowerPoint or by attending a 60-minute PowerPoint presentation on LGBTQ specific healthcare needs in the ED to staff. Provider knowledge was evaluated after the educational training to assess AIM scores post-intervention.

Results: Following the intervention, a total of 13 participants showed an increase in knowledge and skills, openness and support, and oppression awareness. A paired samples t-test at p < .05 showed a statistically significant increase in AIM scores from pre to post intervention.

Conclusion: Findings from the QI project demonstrate that implementing a specific LGBTQ educational intervention for providers increases competency in caring for the LGBTQ population in the ED.

Keywords: LGBTQ health, provider competency, AIM, emergency department

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