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implementation science, independent living, Eight Dimensions of Wellness, COVID-19


Cynthia Jacelon

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Cynthia Jacelon

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Maureen O’Toole


Background: An independent living community in New England is transforming their philosophical approach to wellness by implementing a new wellness initiative based on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness framework. Purpose: Using implementation science, we evaluated the process of implementing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Methods: A Pre-Implementation Survey was given to residents prior to the implementation and Post-Intervention Interviews of residents and staff was planned post-implementation. The post-intervention phase was not completed due to the delay in implementation at the site related to COVID-19. The data analysis of the of the Pre-Implementation Surveys included Kendall’s tau and Kruskal-Wallis tests. The results were intended to guide the implementation at the project site. The results of the Post-Intervention Interviews were meant to provide feedback regarding the success of the implementation. Results: Program participation was significantly related to age (p=.033) and living situation (p=.048). A significant relationship was found between program satisfaction and program participation (p<.001) and living situation (p=.016).Barriers to participation included time conflicts or participation in activities outside the Community; physical limitations; and lack of interest. The social dimension of wellness was a common theme that emerged, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conclusions: Applying implementation science provided a critical view of the process and success of the implementation of the philosophical shift to Wellness thinking at one independent living community.

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