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Reducing, Fentanyl, Related, Overdose, Based, on Motivational Interviewing


Gabrielle Abelard


44 pages

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Pamela Aselton

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Jalil Johnson


Background: The increase in fentanyl exposure by individuals who use illicit drugs has risen causing a significant increase in the number of overdoses and overdose-related deaths. Drug checking for the presence of fentanyl can allow drug users to make more informed decisions especially when combined with motivational interviewing.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to assess the effectiveness of an educational program for clinical staff regarding the use of fentanyl test strips based on the principles of motivational interviewing.

Methods: The project was completed at a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program in an outpatient behavioral health facility in New England. The educational training video was presented in-person in a group setting to clinicians. Surveys were conducted before and after the educational training video, which was also posted on the internet for additional access.

Results: Six clinicians participated in person and half the participants agreeing and half strongly agreeing that they were comfortable with using motivational interviewing in different stages of recovery after the presentation. All participants felt their knowledge of fentanyl use after the educational training video was presented increased: agreed (50%) and strongly agreed (50%). Conclusions: The data collected before and after the educational training video demonstrate the need for further training on motivational interviewing and fentanyl testing strips prior for those working in outpatient MAT clinics.

Keywords: fentanyl, fentanyl testing, drug users, people who use drugs, opioids, opiates motivational interviewing, substance use, adults, opioid treatment, drugs, motivational enhancement, medication assisted treatment program, self-management of chronic conditions

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