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Perinatal, Depression, Screening, Antenatal, Maternity


Dr. Karen Kalmakis

DNP Project Chair

Dr. Katharine Green PhD, CNM


Background: Perinatal depression is a common health complication during pregnancy. Untreated depression among perinatal women is associated with adverse health outcomes for infants and mothers. Screening during the perinatal time period is needed to identify and treat depression and to prevent adverse health outcomes.

Purpose: The purpose of this clinical project is to equip health care providers with the knowledge and tools needed to screen pregnant women for depression and thus increase the amount of screening done in an outpatient obstetrical clinic.

Methods: An evidenced- based educational tool kit was developed to increase provider knowledge of perinatal depression and increase depression screening. The effectiveness of the educational toolkits was assessed using self-report pre and post questionnaires and through a review of patient health records pre- and post-education to determine screening rates during pregnancy.

Results: Participant knowledge about perinatal depression increased by 20.8% after completing the education program. Perinatal depression screening increased from 3 screenings to 28 screening pre- and post- intervention, an increase of 44.6%.

Conclusion: An education program on the importance of perinatal depression and screening increased the knowledge of attendees and increased the number of depression screenings completed in the outpatient obstetrical clinic.

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