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safe patient handling, minimal lift equipment, injury, positive behaviors


Regina Kowal

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Regina Kowal

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Raeann Leblanc

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Susan Fitzpatrick


Nursing staff have a high risk of on the job injury from patient handling and movement. Safe Patient Handling and Movement programs help reduce injury through education and training to employees. Programs need to be evaluated regularly to determine if the goals are being met. When a program is not meeting its projected goals, modifications are needed to improve the program and its outcomes. The purpose of this project was to evaluate a continued safe patient handling program. The goals were to provide best evidence from research. Use best evidence to enhance the program. Promote positive behaviors from employees. Reduce healthcare workers injuries related to patient handling and movement. The objectives were to determine if modifications would decrease safe patient injuries. To promote safe patient handling and movement behaviors that is positive from employees. Increase employees comfort, knowledge, and use of minimal lift equipment during patient handling and movement. The outcomes of the program are successful in meeting the goals and objectives. Modifications to the program were introduced and injuries from patient handling decreased by 50% during the implementation period when compared to the post implementation period. Positive behaviors were witnessed and expressed from employees. Employees also expressed they felt they had increased knowledge of the minimal lift equipment and increased comfort with use of the minimal lift equipment.

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