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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Public Health Nurse Leader

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Education, Simulation, Nursing, Teamwork, Communication


Jean E DeMartinis

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Jeungok Choi

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Genevieve Chandler

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Janet Tracy


Simulation has become a common teaching method for healthcare providers, including nursing students. Until recently, the focus of simulation for nursing students has been on clinical skills. This study used a compilation survey to determine if knowledge and attitude scores improved in the bachelor degree nursing student after exposure to a simulation-based teamwork and communication training. Participants were 51 students from the senior leadership course of a bachelor’s degree in nursing program at a university in New Jersey. Control participants received normal clinical rotations with faculty led discussions, and intervention participants received a 4-hour simulation, focused on teamwork and communication. Intervention participants showed a significant difference in scores on one of five composite scores, demonstrating that simulation may be useful in improving knowledge of teamwork and communication related to teamwork and communication, but may not improve attitudes of nursing students related to teamwork and communication.

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