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sleep apnea, screening, heart failure, protocol, questionnaire


Pamela Aselton

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Pamela Aselton

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Elizabeth A Henneman

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Richard J Soucier Jr.


Background: Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) occurs in over half of the estimated 5.1 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with heart failure (HF). Evidence shows that treatment of SDB in this population decreases not only morbidity and mortality rates, but the overall cost burden of the disease as well. The routine use of a sleep apnea screening protocol in the HF population can help identify patients in need of treatment. Methods: A project was conducted at an urban community heart failure clinic to evaluate provider preference of three evidence-based screening tools to be included in the implementation of a comprehensive SDB screening protocol. This project’s long-term goal was to design and implement a SDB protocol for heart failure patients treated at an urban heart failure clinic using the Health Belief Model. Results: Providers chose the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) as the screening questionnaire to be used in the final screening protocol. Conclusion: Ease of use, sensitivity within patient population, and patient-friendly format were cited as the deciding factors for provider choice of the ESS as the preferred screening tool.

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