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Health Promotion, Research Translation, Faith-Based Approach, Asset-Based Approach, Community-Based Organization, African Americans


Emma Dundon

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Emma Dundon

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Pamela Aselton

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Gloria McNeal


Background: The need to increase stroke awareness, advocacy and cardiovascular health promoting activities in the African American population is challenging, but it is a vital challenge that is essential in decreasing mortality, morbidity and inequalities in stroke. African Americans suffer from higher stroke morbidity and mortality, due to the fact they are less likely to seek emergency care and be aware of stroke signs and symptoms. Objective: The PRAISE (Promotion Recognition Advocacy in Stroke Education) program was designed to increase stroke awareness, management skills and decrease stroke related risk via a faith-based asset approach. Methods: The project was a collaborative effort that included the church and a community based organization. The program included 12 training sessions where participants were educated on stroke, nutrition, advocacy and empowerment, physical fitness and utilizing available resources within the community and the church to improve health. Participants were provided with active learning opportunities through sharing, photo voice, physical training and cooking demonstration. Results: Individual knowledge gains post one-week program completion included stroke symptom recognition (60.5% baseline to 94%). Knowing to call 911 if stroke symptoms develop (47% baseline to 98%). Knowledge of where in the body stroke occurs (8% baseline to 88%), warning signs of stroke (44.9%-69.4% baseline to 78%-100%). Paired t tests demonstrated a 10.87% difference (PConclusion: PRAISE provided for stroke education and a platform for advocacy and access to resources that enable the individual and the community in making healthier options.

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