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asthma education, care coordination, medical home


Karen Kalmakis

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Karen Kalmakis

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Edith Dundon

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Mary Blankson


Asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood. In spite of the many advances in the medical management of asthma, families frequently seek treatment for acute exacerbations of asthma in the emergency department. The purpose of this project was to evaluate asthma care provided to pediatric patients at a community health center in New England through scheduled nursing visits for asthma education and care coordination. The asthma education and care coordination program was developed based on both the NHLBI, NAEPP, Expert Panel 3, 2007 guidelines and ANA White Paper and Agency for Health Care Quality (AHRQ) value of nursing care coordination. The evaluation phase of the Ottawa Model for Research Utilization Model using data gathered from patients, practitioners, and systems was used to assess the effectiveness of the intervention. Results of this evaluation reveal that although all of the nurses received education and training at each of twelve clinic sites the results from the three sites identify that the nurses were not providing the asthma education and care coordination visits. Recommendations include further education, training, and a change in clinic nurse role to fully implement the program.

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