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Cultural Awareness, Cultural Competency, Cultural Sensitivity, Cultural Humility, Nursing and Healthcare professional


Jean E Swinney

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Jean E Swinney

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Raeann Genevieve LeBlanc

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Faith Zwirchitz


Background: Cultural competency is an essential component in the delivery of healthcare services in all sectors of health. Therefore, educating healthcare professionals on cultural competency requires understanding evidence-based studies, having the ability to translate these research findings to practice, and providing the resources to implement best practice in the work place. The process requires individuals to have cultural awareness and humility to be able to attain any given level of cultural competency. Purpose: To improve cultural awareness in a community hospital in Minnesota by implementing an on-going process that allows employees to both acquire knowledge and maintain their skills and ensure that their attitudes portray cultural awareness to the clients they serve. Conclusion: Cultural awareness is the beginning of cultural competency and is vital in providing holistic care to culturally diverse populations or patients. Developing skills in communication across cultural boundaries requires provision for opportunities for self-reflection as well as provision to gather knowledge firsthand. Inclusion of cultural competency programs in curriculums is essential as well as on-going education for the existing workforce.

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