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end of life care, opioids, knowledge and attitudes, barriers, misconceptions


Elizabeth A. Henneman

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Elizabeth A. Henneman

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Gabrielle P. Abelard


Background: Symptom management is essential to the quality of palliative care. The goal of palliative care is to have interventions in place to ensure that the patient is safe and comfortable throughout the disease process and will experience a peaceful death. Providing adequate pain management requires the use of evidence-based interventions to provide pain relief and avoid unnecessary suffering at end of life. Purpose: The purpose of this capstone project was to provide an educational nursing program that addressed misconceptions about opioid use and in the long term, to improve the assessment and treatment of pain for patients at the end of life. Conclusion: The use of an educational intervention aimed at addressing the barriers to adequate pain management was shown to increase nurses’ knowledge, attitude, and skill when assessing for pain and when administering opioids for pain management. Clinical Implications: Clinicians have a responsibility to provide appropriate pain management and to seek education and training necessary to achieve this goal.

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