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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Family Nurse Practioner

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Caregiver, Chronic Disease, Burden, Measuring/Alleviating Burden


Emma Dundon

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Emma Dundon

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Genevieve Chandler

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Sharon Rainer



Informal caregiving is the most common form of long-term care provided in the United States, and with the projected rapid growth of older adults, informal caregiving will be even more critical in the foreseeable future. In the United States, slightly more than 20% of informal caregivers provide care for more than one care recipient, and 10% provide care for three or more care recipients. Caring for a dependent, older adult patient may have negative effects on physical, psychological, psychosocial, social and financial health of caregivers. Careful assessment of the impact of informal caregiving on the caregiver’s functioning is imperative, and will enable a practitioner to not only find ways to help caregivers shoulder the effects of caregiving, but also to measure the effectiveness of interventions that seek to mitigate the effects of caregiving.

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