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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Public Health Nurse Leader

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Latent Tuberculosis Infection, Tuberculosis, Medication, Improving Adherence, Programmatic Intervention, Quality Improvement.


Pamela Aselton

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Jean DeMartinis

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Christopher Pezzullo


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) and latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) affect a large number of persons worldwide. It is estimated that of the 15 million people infected in the United States, many are unaware of their diagnosis. Purpose: This quality improvement project focused on a more effective medication and self-management regime for treatment at a federal training program in a small rural community in Maine. The target population included young people who had tested positive for TB, many of whom are foreign born and identified as individuals at high risk for disease. Results: Through a supervised and monitored program of education, caring, and support at the conclusion of the project, participants completed their prescribed twelve-week medication regime incorporating Isoniazid and Rifapentine once weekly, and vitamin B6 daily under direct observed therapy. Each patient was given an Omaha KBS (Knowledge, Behavior, Status) ranking upon admission and discharge to evaluate current level of knowledge, their health behaviors, and the status of the disease. Conclusions: Prior to the implementation of project the preventative medication completion rates were less than 50% at this facility. Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring was utilized to achieve an increase to 100% adherence to the TB and LTBI medication regime. As a result of the increased adherence rates noted during this project, the programs headquarters is looking at implementing this project nationally across all centers.

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