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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Mark T. Tuominen

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Thomas P. Russell

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Nikolay V. Prokofiev

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This thesis reports the fabrication of nanophotonic structures by using electron beam lithography and using pattern transfer via self assembly with the aid of block copolymers. A theoretical and experimental basis was developed for fabricating anti-reflective coatings using block-copolymer pattern transfer. Block-copolymers were also used to fabricate plasmonic pattern arrays which form gold dots on glass surface. Electron-beam lithography was utilized to fabricate holey plasmonic structures from gold and silver films. Electron-beam exposure was used in block-copolymer lithography in selected regions. The exposure effects were studied for both thin and thick block-copolymer films. Reactive and ion beam etching techniques were used and optimized to fabricate those structures. This research required a great deal of development of new fabrication methods and key information is included in the body of the thesis.


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