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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Chemical Engineering

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M. Muthukumar

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T.J. Mountziaris

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J. Machta

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Chemical Engineering


In this work the effect of elasticity on turbulent drag reduction due to polymers is investigated using a hybrid Direct Numerical Simulation (D.N.S) and Langevin dynamics approach. Simulations are run at a friction Reynolds number of Re_&tau = 560 for 960.000 dumbbells with Deborah numbers of De = 0, De = 1, and De = 10. The conclusions are that it is possible to simulate a drag reduced flow using hybrid D.N.S. with Langevin dynamics, that polymers, like other occurrences of drag reduction, reduce drag through streak stabilization, and that the essential property of polymers and fibers in having a drag reducing effect is their ability to exert a torqueon the solvent when they orientate in the boundary layer of the turbulent flow.