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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Rory Miskimen

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Barry Holstein

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David Kawall

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Polarized nuclear Compton scattering on a proton target provides a test of low energy QCD. The beam-target asymmetries of a circularly polarized Bremsstrahlung photon beam on a transversely polarized butanol target (&Sigma2x) and on a longitudinally polarized butanol target (&Sigma2z), and the beam asymmetry of a linearly polarized Bremsstrahlung beam on an unpolarized hydrogen target (&Sigma3) are sensitive to the proton spin polarizabilities, third order terms in the energy expansion of the Compton scattering amplitude. This experiment consisted of the &Sigma2x measurement, both just below and above two-pion threshold.

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