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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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C. Mani Krishna

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Israel Koren

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C. Andras Moritz

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Target tracking has emerged as an important application of sensor networks. There are two subproblems inherent to target tracking. The first is the initial location of the target as it enters the region being covered. The second is following its track once it has been discovered. In this work, we outline an approach to target tracking. We present an energy-aware tracking algorithm that predicts the target track and activates nodes based on that prediction. We then discuss different energy management schemes that resolve tradeoffs between energy savings and track quality for a specified mission lifetime. Our energy management schemes perform better in terms of track quality and have an energy consumption similar to other schemes. We also consider energy harvesting in this energy management. We present a multitarget tracking algorithm; in connection with that, we present a filtering algorithm that improves the quality of tracking. We also study adaptive approaches to manage the tracking process to the observed mobility characteristics of the target. Such adaptive approaches are shown to have noticeable performance advantages.


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