Under the direction of Associate Professor Charles Schweik and with funding from the National Science Foundation, this project examines free and open source software projects as internet-based commons. It also seeks to expose students to OS software and participation in open source and open content projects. To accomplish this, they have developed undergraduate and graduate level geographic information systems (GIS) courses based on open source GIS software.

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Research, creative, or professional activities


Identifying Success and Abandonment of Free/Libre and Open Source (FLOSS) Commons: A Preliminary Classification of Sourceforge.net projects, Charles M. Schweik and Robert English


Tragedy of the FOSS commons? Investigating the institutional designs of free/libre and open source software projects, Charles M. Schweik and Robert English



Introduction to FOSS GIS using QGIS .8, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and the Grass plugin for QGIS, Charles M. Schweik, Alexander Stepanov, Maria Fernandez, Mike Hamel, and Quentin Lewis