Da dor -- um percurso vital (a propósito do poema inédito de António Pedro, "Annuaire confidentiel")




Abstract: The unpublished poem “Annuaire Confidentiel” (undated) by António Pedro, which belongs to the estate of the Belgian surrealist E. L. T. Mesens, calls for a reflection on the author’s literary and pictorial production. Without denying surrealism, what it draws on is, above all, abjectionism, tracing a vital circuit which aproximates art and life. On the other hand, on the path towards dimensionism, of which the author was one of the pioneers, this poem represents a visuality that relates it to the pictorial arts in general and “Le crachat embelli” (1934) in particular. I propose to consider here these intertextual practices, so valued during that period, where the conceptual metaphor prevails, through the analysis of a poetic story told by a misreading that is fundamentally based on the processes that H. Bloom calls tessera and apophrades. Both ‘texts’ expose a sense of unease, denounce representative conventions and pursue the regeneration of the imaginary, grounded in an exploration of the unconscious governed by the poetics of the ugly. As “Le crachat embelli” and “Annuaire Confidentiel” interpenetrate each other, both make the dynamism of hidden desire throb in the distorted depths of a self who flees from circumstance to ecstasy.