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Customer Perceptions of Workplace Incivility in Singapore


Workplace incivility is found to be on the rise and exists widely in Asian workplaces. The combination of stress, less formal organisational structures and technological advancements has been found to contribute to a surge in workplace incivility. The negative effects of workplace incivility lead to problems in productivity, employee retention and service delivery. This exploratory study aims to examine whether workplace incivility is prevalent in 5-star hotels and premier restaurants in Singapore, from the perception of customers. Results of the conducted study show that customers see that workplace incivility is prevalent. Findings showed that co-workers did not greet or acknowledge each other during work and the critical service values of courtesy and friendliness were also not consistently demonstrated towards their internal or external guests. We suspect that key stakeholders within the hospitality and tourism industry in Singapore are unaware that workplace incivility can critically paralyse the ability of their staff to deliver excellent service and can hinder Singapore from achieving high ratings in the Customer Service Index.

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