Graduate Training in Educational Measurement and Psychometrics: A Curriculum Review of Graduate Programs in the U.S.




This mixed-methods study included a curriculum review of 118 graduate (masters & doctoral) programs in educational measurement, assessment, evaluation, psychometrics, and/or quantitative psychology in the United States to examine both the content and skills prioritized in graduate training. In addition to required content, programs/program curricula were coded with respect to intellectual home (psychology v. education departments), level of program (M.A. v. EdD or PhD), total credits, and number and rank of faculty. Patterns with respect to content variation are presented. To supplement these data, interviews were conducted with measurement professionals – working in industry, government, and the academy- to determine what skills and content knowledge they believe to be critical for success in the field and to evaluate any disconnects between content knowledge thought to be important to practitioners and the actual content knowledge taught.