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African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter

ISSN 1933-8651

African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter seeks to highlight the complexities of our field through dialogue and exchange. This newsletter also serves as the vehicle to engage with centuries of muted voices uncovered by the archaeological record, politics of representation and narrative, as well as intersections of power, privilege and oppression. One of the many challenges of our discipline is to figure out how to push the scholarly parameters and think more complexly about life across the Diaspora. The material record is always in conversation with the social world, thus reminding us to keep these discussions open.

Best Text Collection

The Best Text Collection is one way the Writing Program (WP) works to highlight and circulate texts created by University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) students for writing courses at all undergraduate levels. Texts are reviewed and prepared for publication by graduate writing instructors, further deepening the WP focus on mentoring teachers of writing on inclusive pedagogical practices by extending these practices to graduate level instruction.

Published annually, each issue presents projects created for any Writing, Identity, & Power (ENGLWRIT111), College Writing (ENGLWRIT112/112H), or Junior Year Writing courses written by current UMass Amherst undergraduate students.

Best Text has moved to our new open-source publishing platform: Please see for all issues.

Building Technology Educator's Society

The Building Technology Educators’ Society serves the community of academics and professionals who are involved most directly with the construction and structure of the built environment. The mission of BTES is to promote and publish the best pedagogic practices, relevant research, scholarship, and other creative activity to facilitate student learning, advance innovation, and enhance the status of building technology disciplines in the profession at large.

This is an open access conference proceedings which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.

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Clean Energy Connections

Clean Energy Connections is a career and business development information and networking event. It is a forum for the individuals and organizations that will accelerate the growth of our clean energy economy.

Conference programs, presentations, and other ephemera are being archived here on a regular basis. Please check back often.

communication +1

ISSN 2380-6109

communication +1 provides a forum for exploring and sharing ideas about communication across modes of inquiry and perspectives. Its primary objective is to push the theoretical frontiers of communication as an autonomous and distinct field of research. Suspending any judgement regarding distinction between theory and practice, this journal encourages critical reflections on communication and seeks to encourage these reflections to and among those who place communication at the center of their thinking and writing.

We are a platinum open access journal and never charge authors for publication or anyone for access.

communication +1 is part of Open Humanities Press and is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Our current Call for Papers can be found here.

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Contributions in Black Studies (Afro-American Studies)

A Journal of African and Afro-American Studies

Contributions in Black Studies: A Journal of African and Afro-American Studies (CIBS), was a periodical publication of the Five Colleges, Inc.: Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts, that appeared more or less annually from 1977 to 1997. The W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at UMass Amherst is pleased to provide open access to the articles that appeared in CIBS through this electronic repository.

Democratic Communiqué

ISSN 1555-8967

See the Aims and Scope for complete coverage of the journal.

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Dose-Response: An International Journal

Dose-Response, the journal of the International Dose-Response Society, is a quarterly peer-reviewed electronic journal publishing original findings on the occurrence of dose-response relationships across a broad range of disciplines. Particular interest focuses on experimental evidence providing mechanistic understanding of nonlinear dose-response relationships.

This version, located in ScholarWorks, is an effort to archive and make available the issues of Dose-Response published 12 months ago and prior. Go to Dose-Response to receive more information from the official site.

EDGE - A Graduate Journal for German and Scandinavian Studies

Edge is a peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary graduate journal for German and Scandinavian Studies. The journal is published annually under the direction of graduate students in the German and Scandinavian Studies program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with the support of the W.E.B. DuBois Library.

Edge showcases the best new scholarly articles in German and Scandinavian Studies by graduate students, as well as reviews of films and the latest books of interest in the field. We welcome submissions from all disciplines with a connection to German and Scandinavian Studies, including but not limited to comparative literature, cultural studies, history, film and media studies and philology.

Each issue is written, refereed, and edited by graduate students. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please .

Call for Papers:
We accept submissions of scholarly articles as well as book and film reviews on a rolling basis, and current submissions will be considered for publication in our 2015 issue. For more detailed submission and formatting guidelines, please see our Call for Papers.

We do not currently have any titles available for review. Please check back soon!

eRulemaking Research Group (Science, Technology and Society Initiative)

The eRulemaking Research group brings together computer and social scientists to examine electronic rulemaking, human language technologies, coding across the disciplines, digital citizenship, and service-learning efforts in the United States. The eRulemaking toolkit, the Rule Writers Workbench, helps to interpret and structure large quantities of text. It is currently in use by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and has supported rulemakings on the Polar Bear, Grey Wolves, and Yellow Billed Loons. [Read more here]

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference Proceedings

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference Proceedings is a collection of all selected academic works presented in oral and poster format during global or regional FOSS4G conferences on the development and usage of FOSS4G and open-data.

Additional volumes can be found here:

International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water

ISSN 1940-3259

Welcome to the site of the new publication The International Journal of Soil, Sediment, and Water. This publication is no longer being published. Past issues incorporate the selected manuscripts from the Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy, and expands the opportunity for investigators to exchange innovative, high-quality, important and time-critical research findings in an open-access format.

International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water logo

ISCCL Proceedings

The International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL), of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), is a committee of scientific experts that develop international guidance on cultural landscape documentation, management and policy. The committee functions as a joint effort with members from both ICOMOS and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA).

A major part of the ISCCL's brief is to "Gather, study and disseminate information concerning principles, techniques and policies" related to cultural landscapes (ICOMOS Statutes 5b). This series serves as the publication of the work of the Committee.

Please click on the "Submit Article" link to the upper left to submit a paper to the ISCCL Proceedings. Submissions are limited to ISCCL members who were accepted to present at this year's Symposium, or who are invited to submit - no un-invited papers will be accepted. The Symposium presentations can be accessed at


Le Comité scientifique international des paysages culturels (ISCCL), du Conseil international des monuments et des sites (ICOMOS), est un comité d'experts scientifiques qui élabore des orientations internationales sur la documentation, la gestion et la politique des paysages culturels. Le comité fonctionne comme un effort conjoint avec des membres de l'ICOMOS et de la Fédération internationale des architectes paysagistes (IFLA).

Une partie importante de la mission de l'ISCCL consiste à « rassembler, étudier et diffuser des informations concernant les principes, les techniques et les politiques » liés aux paysages culturels (Statuts de l'ICOMOS 5b). Cette série sert de publication des travaux du Comité.

Veuillez cliquer sur le lien "Soumettre l'article" en haut à gauche pour soumettre un article aux Actes de l'ISCCL. Les soumissions sont limitées aux membres de l'ISCCL qui ont été acceptés pour présenter au Symposium de cette année, ou qui sont invités à soumettre - aucune communication non invitée ne sera acceptée. Les présentations du Symposium sont accessibles à

JITP 2011: The Future of Computational Social Science (The Journal of Information Technology and Politics Annual Conference)

Journal of Hospitality Financial Management

The Professional Refereed Journal of the International Association of Hospitality Financial Management Educators

ISSN 2152-2790

Welcome to the Journal of Hospitality Financial Management.

The Journal of Hospitality Financial Management (ISSN 1091-3211 for print version, E-ISSN 2152-2790 for online version) is the official refereed publication of the International Association of Hospitality Financial Management Educators (iAHFME), a premier academic organization devoted to the study and promotion of knowledge about finance, financial economics and accounting in hospitality and tourism. Published twice a year, the journal is committed to featuring leading research in the area of finance, financial economics and accounting related to hospitality and tourism. The journal also features invited papers on special interest hospitality finance/accounting topics, viewpoints, research notes, book reviews and abstracts of papers presented at the Annual Symposium of the International Association of Hospitality Financial Management Educators (iAHFME). Research article submissions in this journal typically undergo a double blind review process. Some of the key criteria for evaluation include innovativeness of research ideas, rigor and quality of research, clarity, and relevance to the practice and/or education of financial management and accounting in hospitality and tourism.

Journal of Medicinally Active Plants

ISSN 2159-7200

Journal of Medicinally Active Plants

The Journal of Medicinally Active Plants is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, on-line professional journal sponsored by the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants. The Journal publishes scientific manuscripts related to the analysis, application, bioactivity, collection, conservation, cultivation, growth, harvest, identification , physiology, processing, and other issues related to medicinally active plant material. Investigators working with these plant materials are invited to submit articles for publication. Guidelines for publication are here.

The objective of this quarterly publication is to facilitate scholarly exchange among those studying and/or interested in medicinally active plants and plant extracts. For this reason, access to this journal is free. Members of the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants may publish two articles each year without charge. For other authors, a small, pre-review fee is being assessed to cover handling charges. Issues are published in March, June, September, and December of each year. All published articles will include a volume number, issue number, and page numbers.

Authors may submit scientific articles, book reviews, comments, and other materials at any time by carefully following the above referenced guidelines. Material submitted for publication must be accompanied by a statement that the material has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and be a transfer of the article copyright to the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants.

Knowing that authors want quick publication, articles will be published in the issue following acceptance by referees and the Board of Editors. All questions and other correspondence about publication should be addressed to one of the Executive Editors or the Managing Editor.

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

Landscapes of Violence

ISSN 1947-508X

New Call for Proposals

LoV Seeks Photo Essay Proposals on Refugees and Forced Migration

With the intensification of global inequity and the rise of the national security state, human migration, mobility, and transculturality have become central concerns for both policy-makers and researchers. The study of documented and undocumented migration reveals the violent relationship between the Global North and the Global South and the “contentious relationship between sovereignty, space, and freedom of movement” (De Genova and Peutz, 2010). As law making and policy debates devise new ways to criminalize migrants and deploy harsher immigration legislation, it becomes necessary to politically and theoretically interrogate these processes by considering the local and global policies that render new forms of social control not only effective, but also popular.

In this thematic edition of Landscapes of Violence—Refugees and Forced Migration—we seek contributors that explore issues related to migration and refugees across academic disciplines and institutional boundaries. This issue seeks to deepen understanding of the impact of immigration law enforcement and policy-making on people and communities through the lens of studies of violence. We welcome proposals from photographers, community members, students, researchers, and others engaged in work on refugee and forced migration for photo essays. Proposals that consider the historical and cultural contexts and processes in which migration occurs are particularly welcome.

Deadline for proposals: April 21, 2017

To submit a proposal:

Email to LoV Managing Editor Sarah Mathena-Allen at a 250-word abstract, 50 to 100-word bio-sketch, and up to 5 high-resolution photographs (300dpi ".jpg" file) with a caption and credit in a Word document.

Selected Authors

If selected, authors will be asked to submit a 500-word essay and up to 10 high-resolution photographs (300dpi .jpg file) with captions and credits in a Word DOC. Authors must have all relevant permissions to publish in LoV any multimedia content not belonging to them. All submissions must follow LoV submission requirements.

Accepted photo essays will be published in Landscapes of Violence after review by two independent peer referees considered experts in the subject field.

Tentative publishing date: June 30 2017.


Most questions can be answered by reviewing the "about the journal" or "peer-review and open access policies" sections of our webpage.


The goal of Landscapes of Violence (LoV) is to provide a balanced approach to the causes of violence and offer a voice for the human experience behind it. This journal deals with the interrelationships between society and violence seen through the analytical eyes of trans-disciplinary researchers.

For information about Landscapes of Violence (LoV), please see About this Journal.

For information about the affiliated UMass Violence and Conflict Laboratory, please see VCL.

To access past issues of LoV, please use the drop-down menu located in the left sidebar menu or visit our Archive.

Landscapes of Violence: Conflict and Trauma through Time

"Landscapes of Violence: Conflict and Trauma through Time" will take place on April 3 & 4, 2008 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This conference will explore the current and future potential of academe to mitigate human rights issues, provide essential services to local, national and international governments, and broaden the dialog between the academic disciplines. The objective is to engage in an interdisciplinary inquiry of the theoretical and empirical issues around the study of violence, warfare, conflict, and human rights. The strength of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of violence is a critical, self-reflective, and non reductionist perspective that allows for a holistic examination of the dynamics that have led to the wide array of human atrocities committed throughout the world.

Living Languages • Lenguas Vivas • Línguas Vivas

ISSN 2831-3488

Living Languages • Lenguas Vivas • Línguas Vivas

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

English: Living Languages is an international, multilingual journal dedicated to topics in language revitalization and sustainability. The goal of the journal is to promote scholarly work and experience-sharing in the field. The primary focus is on bringing together language revitalization practitioners from a diversity of backgrounds, whether academic or not, within a peer-reviewed publication venue that is not limited to academic contributions and is inclusive of a diversity of perspectives and forms of expression. This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. For more information click here.

Español: Lenguas Vivas es una revista internacional y multilingüe dedicada a temas de revitalización y sostenibilidad lingüística. El objetivo de la revista es promover el trabajo académico y el intercambio de experiencias en este campo, reuniendo a personas de diferentes orígenes que trabajan en la revitalización lingüística y que quieren difundir su trabajo en una publicación que no se limite a las contribuciones académicas y que incluya una diversidad de perspectivas y formas de expresión. Es una revista de acceso abierto, lo que significa que todo el contenido está disponible de forma gratuita para el usuario o su institución. Para más informaciones haga click aquí.

Português: Línguas Vivas é uma revista internacional e multilingue dedicada a temas de revitalização e sustentabilidade linguística. O objetivo da revista é promover o trabalho acadêmico e o compartilhamento de experiências na área, reunindo pessoas de diferentes origens que trabalhem com a revitalização linguística e que queiram divulgar os seus trabalhos em uma publicação que não se limite a contribuições acadêmicas e que inclua uma diversidade de perspectivas e formas de expressão. É uma revista de acesso aberto, o que significa que todo o conteúdo está disponível gratuitamente para o usuário ou sua instituição. Para mais informações clique aqui.

Masters Theses 1911 - February 2014

Welcome to the Masters Theses section of Scholarworks!

The Graduate School and the University Libraries of the University of Massachusetts Amherst offer electronic copies of Masters Theses written by students who have submitted them electronically since 2007. To view previously approved Masters Theses, Browse by Year or Search by Author in the form below, or perform a more comprehensive Search.

To browse dissertations and theses by academic department or program, please go to the Schools, Colleges, and Departments page.

We welcome comments regarding the online theses submission process. Please email questions or comments to: .

Music Education Symposia

This site contains the scholarly papers presented at five music education symposia held in the United States between 1995 and 2007. All of the papers, by leading scholars and teachers in music education from North America and Europe, originally appeared in proceedings of the various symposia and are no longer in publication. They are reprinted here as a service to music education. Three of the symposia are devoted to the sociology of music education and the other two are devoted to music teacher education. Stephen Paul and Roger Rideout hosted On The Sociology of Music Education I and II and On Music Teacher Education at the University of Oklahoma, Norman in 1995, 1997 and 1999 respectively. Hildegard Froehlich, Darryl Coan and Roger Rideout hosted On The Sociology of Music Education III at the University of North Texas, Denton in 2003. Roger Rideout hosted On The Sociology of Music Education IV at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2005. Peter Tiboris, Hal Abeles, and Roger Rideout hosted Policies and Practices: Rethinking Music Teacher Preparation in the 21st Century at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2007.

The papers are organized under the symposia titles. An Introduction and Table of Contents are provided for each. By perusing the Table of Contents, a reader can identify a paper, topic or author of interest. The individual papers are identified by the author's name. This format is the simplest way of conforming to Scholarworks protocols and allowing interested readers to find a specific paper.

North East Linguistics Society (Graduate Linguistics Students Association (GLSA))

Paperbark Literary Magazine

Digital open access issues of Paperbark will be added to this site on a yearly basis.

Perspectives in Asian Leisure and Tourism

Research articles, essays, practical applications in hospitality, leisure and tourism - with an emphasis on Southeast Asia



Perspectives in Asian Leisure and Tourism recognizes the University of Massachusetts Amherst for its generous support in providing this system.


Portuguese Cultural Studies

ISSN 1874-6969

PCS, an online international journal, is published bi-annually at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation

ISSN 1531-7714

Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation is an online journal providing access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, and evaluation. Manuscripts published in PARE are scholarly syntheses of research and ideas about methodological issues and practices, and offer unique contributions to the literature. PARE is intended to help members of the community keep up-to-date with effective methods, trends, and research developments from a variety of settings.

PARE is also committed to highlighting research that focuses on equity in assessment and measurement. To that end, we encourage the submission of manuscripts that address issues of equity and fairness – particularly articles that focuses on the assessment experiences and outcomes for historically marginalized populations.

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy

Welcome to the site of the Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy. This publication will incorporate the conference proceedings from 2005 conference to the present.




University of Massachusetts at Amherst October 15-18, 2012

Conference Directors: Paul T. Kostecki, Ph.D., Edward J. Calabrese, Ph.D., Clifford Bruell, Ph.D.

The annual Conference on Contaminated Soils at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has become the preeminent national conference in this important environmental area. The conference attracts 700-800 attendees annually which includes a wide variety of representation from state and federal agencies; military; a number of industries including railroad, petroleum, transportation, utilities; the environmental engineering and consulting community; and academia.

Expediting and Economizing Cleanups, this conference's theme, will be supported by the development of a strong and diverse technical program in concert with a variety of educational opportunities available to attendees. Live equipment demonstrations will augment the exhibition section which brings real-world application to the technical theory and case studies which will be presented in the platform sessions. Focused workshops will provide attendees with the type of practical application information which will impact their job performance immediately.

The conference promises to be an exciting opportunity for all those concerned with the challenge of developing creative, cost-effective assessments and solutions that can withstand the demands of regulatory requirements.

More information is available at our website, UMassSoils.

Proceedings of the Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning

ISSN 2326-9936 (online)

The Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning is held every three years to bring together experts who are influencing landscape planning, policy making and greenway planning from the local to international level. It is intended to highlight recent trends and expand the literature about landscape and greenway planning. The aim is to explore how experts from around the world have approached greenway planning and to understand how greenways have been tailored to each county’s unique geographical, cultural, and political circumstances.

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics

ISSN 2834-1007

The Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) is devoted to facilitating and promoting research on computational and mathematical approaches in Linguistics. SCiL aims to provide a central forum for exchange of ideas and dissemination of original research results on computational approaches in any area of linguistics. In addition to providing a forum for researchers already working in these areas, SCiL hosts regular meetings (the first of which was co-located with LSA 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah) that feature high-quality research presentations and peer-reviewed proceedings published with the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Anthology as well as in our own standalone open access publication, the Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics.

This journal has moved to our new publishing platform: All issues can be found here:

PSC Publications (Psychological Services Center)

Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies (CES Electronic Resources)

ISSN 1940-073X

Welcome to Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies. This site includes the current issue of Rasenna, an archive of earlier issues, Guidelines for Contributors, and information about the composition of the Editorial and Advisory Boards.

For more information about Rasenna and the Center for Etruscan Studies please contact Anthony Tuck or Rex Wallace.

Selected Publications of EFS Faculty, Students, and Alumni (Anthropology Department Field Program in European Studies)

Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (Graduate Linguistics Students Association (GLSA))


The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing.

For more information about SHARP go to

Translat Library

ISSN 2604-7438

This journal has moved to our new publishing plaftorm:

All issues can be found here:

TTRA APac Chapter 2017 Annual Conference (TTRA APac)

Welcome to the paper submission site for the TTRA Asia Pacific Chapter. Please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

Academic research paper: please provide a 500-750 word extended abstract. Please follow the submission guidelines of Journal of Travel Research on format ( and make sure to include a title page (showing names, affiliation, and contact information of all authors, as well as the title of the manuscript) and the body of your extended abstract (including abstract, key words) with NO identifier information.

Practitioner focused research: please provide a 500 word abstract with Title, Introduction, Method, Results and Conclusion and Relevance to Industry. Please provide THREE keywords.

Submissions due by September 1, 2017
Submission Format: Word Document
Notification of Acceptance: October 15, 2017
Submission of final manuscript: November 1, 2017

Click here to submit a proposal.

TTRA Canada 2016 Conference (TTRA Canada)

Destinations are taking an increased interest in placemaking - the reimagining and reinvention of spaces at the heart of communities to strengthen the connection between people and places. Tourism researchers play a critical role in understanding what drives destination appeal and visitor engagement.

Submissions for presentations, papers, workshops, panels and student posters are invited relating to the overarching theme of Animating Places: Making Destinations Come Alive through Research. Submissions may be on a range of tourism related topics and the Conference Program Committee also encourages presentations on topics that are outside the general theme – our goal is to provide content that is relevant, timely and of interest to our members. Accepted submissions will be eligible for one of three non-monetary awards for best paper (refereed abstracts), best presentation (non-refereed) and best student poster. N.B. Deadline for submissions have been extended to June 8th, 2016

Click Submit Article on the right sidebar to continue with the submission process.

TTRA Canada 2018 Conference (TTRA Canada)

Conference Information:

At our annual conference, Propelling Smarter, Bolder Tourism, we will explore how research is and can be effectively employed to advance Canada’s shared social, economic, environmental, and cultural goals. It is not ‘more’ tourism that Canada needs, it’s ‘better’, more energetic, astute, intelligent tourism. We seek style with substance, diversity with inclusion, and evolution with sustainability. Tourism researchers and their clients are embracing data and know-how to fearlessly chart new directions for established and emerging destinations, and supply impactful, brilliant experiences for our diverse markets. This year’s conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia will provide a platform for learning about new approaches, lessons learned and the challenges ahead, as we navigate post-truth, virtually-infused, climate change impacted, emerging environments.

Submission Information:

Submissions for presentations, papers, workshops, panels and student posters are invited relating to the overarching theme of Propelling smarter, bolder tourism. Submissions may be on a range of tourism-related topics and the Conference Program Committee also encourages presentations on topics that are outside the general theme – our goal is to provide content that is relevant, timely and of interest to our members. Accepted submissions will be eligible for one of three non-monetary awards for best paper (refereed abstracts), best presentation (non-refereed), and best student poster.

Submission Deadline: Extended to June 1, 2018

TTRA Canada 2019 Conference (TTRA Canada)

Conference Information:

Moving Forward, this year’s conference theme, invites tourism researchers to be forward thinkers; to rediscover Canada’s tourism industry through various lenses that acknowledge the past while providing guidance for our future. A future that inspires authentic cultural experiences for travellers, while providing interactive opportunities for practitioners. Moving Forward calls for impactful tourist experiences across various niche tourism markets, bringing destinations to life and providing tourists with unforgettable travel experiences. Canada’s future tourism seeks to break down barriers and empower stakeholders to work together to deliver innovative research methodologies. This year’s conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will highlight the path ahead, focusing on new ways of thinking about tourism in order to capitalise on emerging technologies, methodologies, and societal changes.

Submission Information:

Submissions for presentations, papers, workshops, panels and student presentations/prezis/videos are invited relating to the overarching theme of Moving Forward. Submissions may be on a range of tourism-related topics and the Conference Program Committee also encourages presentations on topics that are outside the general theme – our goal is to provide content that is relevant, timely and of interest to our members. Accepted submissions will be eligible for awards (more details to come).

Submission Deadline: June 14th, 2019

TTRA Canada 2021 Conference (TTRA Canada)

2021 TTRA Canada Virtual Conference

The 2021 virtual conference theme, T4: Travelling Towards Tomorrow Together, provided a platform to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry. While recognizing the drastic impact of the pandemic on travel and tourism, it is time to move forward.

TTRA Canada’s T4 theme called for research addressing the future of travel behaviour and digitization to shift business models towards a more resilient industry and welcomed submissions of tourism research that leverages partnerships.

View the list of submissions below.

TTRA Canada 2023 Conference (TTRA Canada)

Welcome to the Conference Submission Site!

To submit your Academic Oral Presentation, Student Poster Session, or other Academic Session Type, please select "Submit Abstract" on the right-hand side of the screen. Be sure to use the provided template to ensure proper formatting of your submission.

If you are submitting an industry report or professional workshop, please review the guidelines in the Call for Participation and send them by email to Michael Lever at

University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics (Graduate Linguistics Students Association (GLSA))

University of Massachusetts Undergraduate History Journal

Founded in 2016 by members of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, the UMass History Journal is devoted to showcasing the diverse historical work of undergraduate students. This publication includes essays, book reviews, and historical reflections written either within or outside the framework of undergraduate courses. Authors may be history majors, minors, or non-majors who have interests in the study of history.

Warring States Papers

Studies in Chinese and Comparative Philology

Volume 1 (cover date 2010) became available in print form in May 2012. The online edition will appear here when the print edition is exhausted. To acquire the print edition, please visit the Project web site at