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Working Paper 147


With the ratification of the Millennium Development Goals at the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000 a question that naturally arises is how the multiple objectives that the international development community has become committed to are related to one another and whether they are even consistent with one another. First, there is the goal of economic growth, a growth in per capita income and living standard. Then there is the objective of poverty reduction which had received an overwhelming emphasis from the donors and the developing countries alike in recent decades. This came to be broadened by the adoption of the MDGs which set specific targets not only for poverty reduction but also for the education of children; empowerment of women; reduction of child and maternal mortality; combating diseases such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis; and promoting greater international cooperation for development. Given that they continue to remain objectives to be simultaneously pursued by the developing countries, it is natural to ask how they are related to one another and whether they are consistent with one another.


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